14 Things To Do In The Stunning Village Of Baskinta, Lebanon Inspired By Lara Hraoui

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In recent weeks, 3rd runner up at Miss Lebanon 2022, Lara Hraoui did not hesitate to publicly praise her hometown Baskinta, inciting many to want to check it out – including us:


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Located at 1,250 meters above sea level and to Qanat Bakish at about 1,800 meters, Baskinta is a mountainous village in Metn, Lebanon.

The village is home to beautiful nature and enjoys scenic views of neighboring towns and amazing weather in summer.

Accordingly to Lara’s comments, there are many things to do in Baskinta, from tasting its cherries and its renowned apples, to roaming through the village’s traditional architecture.

So here are things to do in Baskinta, inspired by Lara Hraoui’s comments:

Taste Baskinta’s juicy cherries

Baskinta is rich in agriculture and organic products locally made such as mouneh, cheese, labneh, and more. It boasts wide spaces of different vegetables and fruits, including cherry orchards, a local pride.

Try the village’s famous apples!

And while tasting cherries, don’t forget to try Baskinta’s slightly sour apples. The village is also known for hosting the Baskinta Apple Festival!

Visit the Mikhail Naimy statue

Baskinta prides itself in having bred famous Lebanese philosophers, notably Mikhail Naimy, a Lebanese poet, novelist, and philosopher, famous for his spiritual writings, including The Book of Mirdad.

Baskinta has dedicated a spot for him, with a garden and sculpture, which you can get to admire during your visit.

P.S. As Lara cited, Baskinta is also the hometown of the world-famous fashion designer George Hobeika.

Lounge by the pool at Snowland Hotel

People visiting Baskinta can enjoy its weather in summer and also in winter. When in the village, you can tan by the pool of the Snowland Hotel and attend its many events.

For more info, contact 03 340 300.

Eat a delicious breakfast at Krikor Bakery

When in Baskinta, you must savor a traditional Lebanese breakfast at Krikor Bakery, which is considered a main and famous destination run by Krikor and his wife Laure, who offer Manakishs and Qawarma eggs!

For more information, contact 04 280 293.

Visit “The Cross of All Nations” in Qanat Bakish

“The Cross of All Nations” is a monument in Qanat Bakish, near Baskinta. The cross is around 73.8 meters tall and is reportedly one of the largest illuminated crosses in the world.

Enjoy a serene sunset at The Bevview

Take a break during your visit and can hang out with your friends at The Bevview enjoying the serene panoramic view, especially at sunset.

For more info, contact 76 348 489.

Visit the 7th-century old church of Our Lady of the Assumption

There are many churches in Baskinta, the oldest being the church of Our Lady of the Assumption church which dates back to around the 7th century. It was destroyed during the Mamluk’s invasion, rebuilt in 1650, and renewed several times since then.

This church is special in that oy stood for ages as a statement of co-existence and unity between the three Christian communities, one parish with three naves. According to The Wandering Maronite, each of the Maronite, the Melkite, and the Greek Orthodox denominations had its own nave.

Spend a night out at Sign Bakish

You and your loved ones can also have a night dancing and drinking in an open-air setting at Sign Bakish. Contact 71 663 444 for more info.

Stroll around Baskinta to admire the architecture

Baskinta is famous for the traditional Lebanese houses known by a stone building, featured with a red-tiled roof, which represents an authentic charm perfect for fans of history and architecture.

You will also get to see some interesting old architectures that are Instagram-worthy!

Visit the Abdallah Ghanem Cultural Center

The Abdallah Ghanem Cultural Center is a must to visit while in town, especially if are an intellectual. You will get the chance to admire the works of Lebanese poet, philosopher, and journalist Abdallah Ghanem.

The cultural center hosts his major works such as El Andalib (The Nightingale), which earned him the title of “The poet of the Nightingale,” as well as Fawk EL Dabab (Above The Mist).

For more inquiries, contact 04 288 101.

Take a hiking trip

Enjoy the Baskinta Literary Trail, a 24 km long trail and one of the most unique trails, especially during the autumn season!

You can also check out the Assi River trail, which consists of a steeped valley where the Assi river flows!

Baskinta also has another stunning hiking trail, Marj Baskinta, where hikers tend to enjoy one of Lebanon’s glorious pine trees!

Experience a camping night like no other at the Odom Retreat

The Odom Retreat is a luxury tent located in Plateau de Bakish, Baskinta. The retreats also provide a nice view of surrounding areas! For more inquiries, contact 76 992 092.

You may also spend the night indoors at the Convent Mar Sassine, where you can rent a room of 2 or 3 beds with a small kitchen.

For more info, contact 71 325 355.

Visit the neighboring Sannine

When in Baskinta go on a further road trip and visit the gorgeous Sannine and the glorious Mount Sannine where you will get the chance to drink the freshest water and spend the night at one of its many chalets!

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