15 Sunset Spots In Lebanon Where You Can Enjoy A Mesmerizing View For Free

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Lebanon is known for having mesmerizing panoramic views and breathtaking spots. You really don’t need to go to one of these great rooftop lounges and sunset bars in the country to enjoy mesmerizing views with your date or friends.

This can be easily done at no cost and fully enjoyed in good company.

So, if you are looking to spend a romantic time with your special one or just want to immerse in the amber hues of sunset at a lovely spot with your friends or your bestie, here are some amazing destinations for you!


Jounieh is a lovely coastal city in the Keserwan District, about 16 km north of Beirut. The city has many alleyways and areas where people can stroll along or find a spot to sit by the beach to enjoy a nice view of the sunset over the Mediterranean sea.

Jabal Al Arba’in

Located in the Al-Denniyeh region, Jabal Al Arba’in is one of the Al Makmel mountain series, rising around 2000 meters above sea level.

The panoramic view at sunset is breathtaking. You can also enjoy many landmarks and activities while visiting the area, including seeing Jabal Al Arba’in famous bridge and the highest swing in the Middle East!

Our Lady of Lebanon – Harissa

The Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon is one of the most important and most soul-enriching sites to honor the Virgin Mary.

The site has probably the most breathtaking sunset view in the country as it overlooks the bay of Journey and all the way to part of Beirut while the setting sun colors it all and the sea with soothing warm hues.

Located in Harissa-Daraoun in the Keserwan District, the Shrine welcomes both Christians and Muslims alike to pray or visit respectfully.

You can also take the cableway from Jounieh to reach there.


Annexed to the Harissa, just a very short car ride (around 5-6 minutes) from the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, Ghosta is also a great spot to enjoy the sunset.

It is a charming village boasting natural, historical, and religious monuments, including Lebanon’s tallest statue of Jesus Christ, and panoramic views.

En Naqoura

En Naqoura is a small city situated in Southern Lebanon that has one of the most refreshing and clean beaches featured by rocky and sandy patches where people can have a free swim and sunset view.

Marina – Dbayeh

Dbayeh is a busy city in Lebanon, located on the Mediterranean Sea between Beirut and Jounieh where people get together to admire the stunning sunset over the city’s Marina, as well as enjoy shopping and many restaurants/bars.

Sarafand public beach

Sarafand is a village in Southern Lebanon, located around 10 km south of Sidon, and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Other than being an ancient Phoenician city and mentioned in the Holy Bible, Sarafand also welcomes people on its public beach to have fun all day, and chill by the sunset during the afternoon!

Corniche El Manara – Beirut

Corniche El Manara is a beautiful seafront promenade in Beirut, where adults and children go to spend some hours experiencing a scenic view over the Mediterranean and many landmarks such as the iconic Pigeons’ Rock (the Rock of Raouche).

Ain Aata

Ain Aata is a village located southwest of Rashaya, in Bekaa. It is a destination for people to take a nice summer road trip from Beirut, and go to the village to see remarkable nature and a breathtaking sunset view.

Bahsa beach – Batroun

Situated in the historical city of Batroun, the Bahsa beach is a free beach escape where summer lovers can hang out, tan, and enjoy many water sports activities such as surfing and stand-up paddling (SUP), and see the gorgeous sunset ahead!


Nestled between beautiful mountains, the village of Akoura in the Byblos District is a gorgeous destination for an amazing hiking trip, or to tour its religious sights, including the Saydet El-Habes church, and get to bask in the panoramic view at sunset.

Saint Charbel church and Statue – Faraya

Lebanon is home to the largest statue of Saint Charbel in the world, which is located in Faraya, Keserwan District.

The Saint Charbel church and Statue is a famous religious site where Lebanese and foreign pilgrims can pray and experience a mesmerizing sunset view over the clouds!


The stunning village of Sawfar in Aley is located at about 1,320 meters above sea level. The village features traditional houses and palaces reflecting Lebanon’s heritage.

Sawfar is also sought for its variety of day/night activities and for the experience of a glorious sunset.

Saydet el Hosn – Ehden

There are many gorgeous sunset spots in Ehden, including the site of Saydet el Hosn, which means The Lady of the Fortress.

The site is a historical church overlooking a panoramic view of Ehden’s surrounding villages that will make you feel like you are on top of the world!

El Mina – Tripoli

El Mina port in the Northern city of Tripoli is a trade point dating back to the Phoenicians, it is also a captivating spot to visit, stroll around the corniche, ancient alleys, and charming houses, and get the chance to bask in the golden colors of sunset.

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