15 Tasty Lebanese Snacks For When You Get The Munchies

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The next time you feel like snacking, think twice before you grab the Pringles and Snickers bar. First, those cost way more than they used to. Second, we have so many great Lebanese-owned options.

With all the different items there are these days, it’s easy to forget about these great local products. Many of them hold sentimental value from childhood years, and some of them are actually of great quality. And of course, there are some classics that must be mentioned!

Here’s a list of some savory to sweet iconic and sometimes overlooked Lebanese snacks:

#1 Kettle Cooked Chips

#2 Buffies

#3 Classic Fantasia Chips

#4 Snips Baked Chips

#5 Dolsi Chips

#6 Sitos (the Lebanese Doritos)

#7 Classic Master Chips (the Lebanse Lays)

#8 Castania

#9 Full variety Unica

#10 Lukum flavored Dabké

#11 Tarboosh

#12 Gandour Cookies (underrated, pleasantly surprising)

#13 Yamama on-the-go cakes

#14 Classic Tutti Frutti

#15 Classic pineapple juice box

So now that you got the list, munch Lebanese!

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