15 Must-Visit Stores in Lebanon If You’re A Fan Of Thrift Shopping

Thrift Shops Lebanon
My Vintage l Souk El Ahad

Thrift shopping in Lebanon isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. And for the savvy shopper, it can be a paradise of hidden gems.

Whether you’re looking for vintage finds, upcycled pieces, or affordable fashion, Lebanon offers a myriad of unique stores to satisfy your thrifting desires. Some of our favorites include:

1. The Retro Beirut

A vintage haven in Hamra.

2. Souk El Ahad

سوق الاحد الشعبي souk el ahad

Beirut’s weekend treasure trove.

3. Second Hands

For timeless classics.

4. Land of Thrifting

A sustainable choice.

5. Thrift Pop

Upcycled chic in Lebanon.

6. Chains First

Sustainable shopping alternative.

7. Thriftiz

Give these items a second life.

8. Urbanology

Rare pieces, ranging from clothing to accessories.

9. Vintage Magic

Unearth vintage treasures.

10. My Daisies

Discover unique finds.

11. The Lydd

Your place for rare collectibles.

12. N U G U

Update your wardrobe and home.

13. RetroBox

Contribute to a greater good while looking fabulous.

14. Twice But Nice

Unpredictable finds!

15. Angel Jewels

Rock your outfit with the perfect accessory.

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