15 Pictures Showing How Amazing Fairouz Was

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started singing at a young age and her music career took off quickly, her voice conquering beyond , and making her the most iconic Lebanese artist of all time.

Her music is recognized internationally and she has taken around the globe with her tunes.

She’s the queen of the Lebanese music scene

She is known worldwide for her unique voice, a voice that represents the land of milk and honey.

She’s there for us every morning

Her voice fills our mornings with comfort and bittersweet nostalgia for a better .

She’s the best selling Middle Eastern artist of all time

Both and Oum Kulthum have sold over 150,000,000 records, making them the best selling artists from the Middle East.

She has been an inspiration to other artists

Beyonce has once revealed in an interview she did in Dubai that she listens to , “a lot”.

She remains to-date a “living icon”

is “a living icon without equal” as described by The New York Times.

She’s the greatest living diva in the region

BBC claimed her “a legendary Lebanese singer and greatest living Arab diva.”

She’s credited to have “helped build the identity of

The Guardian has said that “sang the story of a that never really existed,” and “essentially helped build the identity of just 14 years after it became an independent country.”

She was a rebel

At a certain time, Lebanon banned her music from local radio stations for six months because she refused to perform in a private concert for an Algerian president.

She didn’t budge from her principle, making it clear that she was for the public. While this move got her banned (so wrongfully so), it also increased her popularity in the public eye.

She stood against the

For the duration of the civil war, Fairouz refused to perform concerts unless it was in a united Lebanon. The only exception was one stage performance that took place in both East and West , and that was to make a statement of unity and peace.

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