15 Places That Will Make You Change Your Mind About Healthy Food

The Barn Beirut | Green Junkie

The good old saying: “You are what you eat” is true for multiple reasons. The main one being that everything you consume not only transforms the outer fabric of your body but your inner being as well. 

Eating nutritious food can eliminate any gut problems, skin issues, minimize the rate at which you get colds and flu, and make you feel amazing from the inside out after every dish.

However, the majority of people in Lebanon have this notion that healthy food is tasteless and boring, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Highly nutritious foods are packed with an array of flavors that’ll satiate you to the point of making you want to willingly skip a McDonald’s meal.

So, if you’re skeptical about trying to switch up your lifestyle into a more nutritious one, then keep on reading because we’ve gathered some of the best healthy places to order from that’ll completely change your mind about healthy food!

#1 Green Junkie

Green Junkie is listed first for a good reason, as the food they offer will truly blow your mind away with their flavorsome innovative dishes that are packed with nutrients.

The place only offers delivery and takeaway, as it’s a dedicated kitchen that focuses on serving wholesome meals using top notch quality sourced ingredients that are all local.

Best part? They strictly use recyclable food-ware!

#2 The Barn Beirut

This gem in Gemmayze district serves the type of dishes that don’t only look amazing to the eye, but will enrich your taste buds as well.

Anthony Rahayel, the award-winning Lebanese food blogger has even raved about this place before.

The restaurant also offers to deliver your cravings right to your doorstep!

#3 Fiber

“When deliciousness meets nutritious” is the motto behind Fiber, a restaurant located in Hamra that undoubtedly lives up to its aim.

From almond butter ice-cream to healthy burgers and pizzas, Fiber will challenge your love for fast food, and might even make you forget all about your unhealthy well-loved go-to choices.

We recommend you try their delicious morning wrap, as the guacamole sauce mashed with light turkey slices and eggs is guaranteed to make your mouth water.

#4 NIU Bowl

Poke lovers, this one’s for you.

NIU Bowl, the Hawaiian restaurant in Ashrafieh, offers a wide range of customizable Poke bowls and seafood. The ingredients are incredibly fresh and the portion sizes are extremely generous.

With their spill proof packaging and speedy delivery, NIU Bowl is a must-try.


Before the name of the restaurant drives you to keep scrolling, you should note that SALATA has completely reimagined the concepts of salads for Lebanese residents.

With innovative takes on various type of dishes, SALATA has become the local healthy eatery.

The restaurant is located in Downtown Beirut, and offers delivery as well!

#6 Luna’s Kitchen

The well-loved vegan restaurant that’s known for its colorful architecture offers 100% vegan dishes, as well as deliciously healthy food!

The restaurant is located in the heart of Hamra, and also offers delivery and takeaway as well.

#7 Cafe de Penelope

This charming upscale Cafe located in the Badaro District of Beirut has designed a menu influenced by some of the finest and healthiest Fresh, Italian, and Spanish cuisines.

If you’re looking to spoil yourself with top-quality healthy international cuisine, this cafe won’t fall short.

#8 Mini Guette

Surprisingly, Mini Guette, the affordable restaurant that mostly offers American influenced food, has a complete section dedicated to health lovers.

With an innovative take on healthy dishes and highly affordable prices, the six-branch chain restaurant will quickly become your go-to choice.

If you have a hard time choosing between sweet and savory dishes, we recommend you try the Rocca Pomegranate salad, as the mix of flavors will satisfy all your cravings.

#9 Jars & Co

One of the top-rated healthy online meals delivery kitchens in Beirut, Jars & Co only serves organic and fresh ingredients that will make your body thank you.

#10 5 A Day

The name of the restaurant is influenced by its concept, which is promoting five fruits and vegetables a day.

Choose from a menu carved out for clean eating and juice cleanses, and benefit from the heavenly nutrient dense food.

#11 Mandy’s Wellness

Offering low calories and no preservatives, Mandy’s Wellness will exceed your expectations with its healthy and tasty dishes.

The health and wellness restaurants offers speedy delivery right to your doorstep.

#12 Coco Nibs

From fresh chocolate granola to freshly baked brownies and cookies, this clean eating concept kitchen will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings while keeping your blood sugar happy.

Send them a direct message through Instagram to place your order after choosing between various healthy sweet treats.

#13 The Glow Paradise

Specializing in fresh, healthy, and organic superfoods, this restaurant gained so much popularity with its branches in Dubai and Lebanon. Their guilt-free meals will definitely get you hooked.

#14 L’AVO

Your whole concept of avocado’s will forever change once you try this avocado bar.

Their menu is purely dedicated to using the fruit in multiple creative culinary ways, turning every avocado lover’s dream come true.

#15 Cantina Sociale

The self-service cafe located in the busy streets of Ashrafieh is loved by many health enthusiasts for a number of good reasons.

The restaurant offers some of the healthiest dishes crafted with fresh ingredients. You’ll surely fall in love with every bite.