15 Reasons To Take A Road Trip To Bentaël In Lebanon


Perched on a hill in Mount Lebanon, the small village of Bentaël boasts splendid natural beauty, ancient sites, churches built on ancient temples, hiking trails, the first-ever nature reserve in Lebanon, and more.

Located a few kilometers from Batroun, Bentaël, which Phoenician name means The Daughter of God Aal, is a must-visit to explore its sites. It has been a destination for hikers and nature lovers who seek it for its fascinating natural environment.

Here are some of the many reasons why Bentaël is worth a road trip.

#1 Splendid natural sights

#2 Trails in paradise

#3 Gorgeous nature

#4 A fascinating Nature Reserve not-to-miss exploring

It’s Lebanon’s first and smallest nature reserve. It was founded in 1981 by the locals who took it upon themselves to protect a large area of their heritage.

It was inaugurated in 1987 but wasn’t officially declared a nature reserve until early 1999.

#5 Bentael Nature Reserve is a 2 square km of paradise with hidden gems

#6 The Reserve is home to a variety of fauna and flora worth photographing

#7 A relaxing oasis away from the urban noises

#8 St John’s 12th century rock-cut hermitage and chapel

You’ll find this fascinating religious site inside the Nature Reserve. It was rock-cut 8 meters above the ground and is composed of 3 cavities.

#9 Thrilling rock climbing for the daredevils

#10 With some luck, you’ll get to witness more daredevil sports

#11 Hiking like no other

#12 Bentaël is home to several old churches that kept ancient temple elements

Amongst them are the double church of Saints Paul and Peter, and the churches of Saint Mary and Saint John the Baptist.

#13 The ancient Mar Mema Church stands on a hilltop in the middle of the village

#14 Mar Mema Parish is an oasis of peace

#15 Bentael also boasts traditionally built new houses

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