15 Reasons Why Protesting In Lebanon Is Uniquely Fun And Empowering

These protests that have erupted all over Lebanon since Thursday night have revealed how in pain the Lebanese in Lebanon have been but also how outstanding they are in dealing with life during their most difficult times.

Here are some memorable events that have occurred during protests that not only made us laugh out loud and warmed our hearts but they also reminded us and the world how unique Lebanese could be.

#1 Showing the army officers how much we appreciate them

In protests, conflicts between the army and the protestors can get messy, and the results can turn out to be the opposite of what everyone wants.

This girl made sure that the Lebanese army officers on the ground feel appreciated and loved; a statement we join in, telling them: This is not against you. You are our people and we are yours, and we love you! 

#2 Getting motivated to propose to girlfriends

Protests are a great place for people to feel hopeful of the future and of tomorrow. This guy seized all the hope he felt and proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of Riad Solh, in downtown Beirut!

#3 Celebrating a wedding amidst the protest (no kidding)!

If you think the proposal is sweet, take a look at these lovebirds getting married amidst the protest, and the protesters chanting in support and celebration!

It is actually a genius wedding plan, as it is absolutely free, with hundreds of thousands of people attending your wedding without getting into the trouble of inviting them. Plus, it is in the middle of one of the most beautiful locations in Beirut!

#4 Doing our best not to miss a good tan while on it

There is absolutely nothing that comes in between a Lebanese and his or her love to go to the beach and sunbathe, and this guy was a living proof. A weekend of protest? No problem, this guy got you covered.

#5 Getting into a game of cards while insisting to remain on the ground

The Daily Star

These tough guys took a break from raging chants to play some arba3meye. First, we fold, and then we continue on conquering justice.

#6 It is a family thing

Daily Beast

Everybody is in! Children, seniors, parents, youth, and you name it. The best family outings these days, which makes these protests fun and empowering. After all, this concerns all Lebanese of all ages and walks of life.

#7 Dancing our protest-nights away

People watching the protests from home could easily see that these protests are getting musical and that we can easily do an Indian dancing scene on the spot, in a Lebanese-dabke style.

It isn’t really a rare scene in Lebanon these days, we’ve seen protesters dancing the dabke in various locations, and even all the way in Sweeden during the diaspora protest.

#8 Getting to play all kind of instruments

I have seen most musical instruments being played in these protests, except maybe the piano. Derbake is for sure the most favored and the most attractive to our Lebanese musical ears!

#9 Keeping to an environmentally conscious attitude

Some might throw plastic bottles on the street, but the majority of people are bringing their own bags to help in cleaning the streets and maintaining the civilized image this protest has… despite some angry fellows that went vandalizing.

#10 Playing The Joker character in protest

For those who have not watched The Joker yet, that character symbolizes resistance against an extremely rich and corrupted system that does not even acknowledge that people are suffering from poverty and mental illnesses. Lebanese people related so much to this that they decided to represent The Joker in the protests in Martyr Square!

#11 Witnessing different religious leaders holding hands

This is an image we have longed to see for ages, and seeing this in the protests is like a dream come true. Priest, Shia Sheikh, Druze Sheikh, and Mufti took the streets to show everyone that segregation in Lebanon is soon to become a myth (InchAllah!) and that unity is now the new black.

#12 Being joined in forces with our people in the diaspora

Protests in 7 cities in Canada, two cities in Australia, 11 countries in Europe, and 15 states in the United States of America, all organized by Lebanese people residing abroad. The list of protests is growing by the hour.

#13 Crowd-singing “Baby Shark” to cheer up a kid

I honestly have nothing to add to this. I have watched it several times and I still cannot stop laughing!

#14 Singing the National Anthem in one voice in the streets

This is as beautiful as it can get. Everyone hand in hand chanting the National Anthem with all the love and patriotism they have in their revolutionary hearts. A statement of unity during these uncertain times but also that this is all done for Lebanon.

#15 Making sure that also our sea world gets it!

Because we can be as passionate as it can be! I bet you haven’t seen that in any national protest around the world. 🙂

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