15+ New Revolution Arts That Prove Lebanese Protesters Are Not Giving Up

February 2, 2020, just marked the Lebanese Creativity Day, a celebration created by the artists of the Revolution and that promises to become an annual national one.

More than 200 artists, painters, and sculptors contributed with their creative expressions, reflecting strong statements that the people of the revolution are not giving up. 

#1 The Silenced Lebanese 

A very expressive artwork, indeed, by Batool Jacob, an award-winning artist from Tripoli. It shows the pain of a struggling Lebanese individual, oppressed by the capital control measures, at a time in which the people endure a harsh economic crisis.

A Lebanese commented on social media, “It summarizes the cause of our current tragedy.”

#2 Rejected Lebanese Passport 

A striking creative art stating a bitter reality. Has the artist meant to express her/his rejection of the government system as it is, or the rejection Lebanese nationals have been facing from other countries? It is left to interpretation. 

#3 The Eye of the Revolution

Inspired by recent events, this painting makes the statement: “Our revolution is the eye you lost,” a campaign that took off in solidarity with the protesters who lost an eye to a rubber bullet.

The campaign was adopted by Lebanese people everywhere, even in recent diaspora protests, showing unwavering support to the protesters in Lebanon. 

#4 The New Lebanon is birthing from sacrifices

The particularity of this art is in its placement, right at the feet of the martyrs of Lebanon to which the artist directed the umbilical cord. It expresses the sacrifices being made for the birth of a new Lebanon free of corruption, abuses, and oppression.

#5 Thawra Events

An interesting representation of the Lebanese revolution, compiling various events that touched the artist.

#6 Revolution is Love

Love of each other, and love of Lebanon; that is the real meaning of this revolution.

#7 Hand in hand to achieve a better Lebanon

From the unity on the grounds of the protests to the human chain that linked the south to the north, patriotism has been strongly relevant during this revolution that had shattered the barriers of separation.

It is that unwavering unity that has made this revolution not only possible but persistent and strong.

#8 Facing oppression

The gas mask with a shattered eyeglass represents the protesters’ hardships as they face abuse of power.  

#9 To Victory

A colorful painting representing the radiant strength of the revolution. 

#10 Corruption feeding on Lebanon 

Probably the most powerful yet, this painting represents the gluttony of the corrupts eating Lebanon away. 

#11 Fayrouz, Lebanon’s icon of patriotism

Fairouz, an icon of Lebanese patriotism and a voice who sang for freedom and the oppressed, is represented in this painting with a background of fine calligraphic words.

#12 Revolution till Victory

A strong statement of determination and also an invitation to the fellow protesters to keep going until the Revolution’s demands have been met. 

#13 The Lebanese mother of the revolution

Painted by Julie Krikorian Abou Jaoude, this art expresses the determination of Lebanese mothers in fighting for a better Lebanon for their children. 

#14 The iconic face of the revolution

A painting in tribute to Alaa Abu Fakhr who was killed during a peaceful demonstration, and who became the face of the revolution, and one of the top five most remarkable faces of Revolution worldwide.

#15 Hold on strongly to each other

Artist Roula Abdo invites the Lebanese revolutionaries to hold to each other strongly to continue their uprising.

#16 Unlocking sectarian mindset

The revolution has unlocked the prison of sectarianism in Lebanon. 

#17 Tears called Lebanon

One of the most remarkable accomplishments of the revolution was the downfall of sectarian divisiveness that had brought so much suffering to Lebanon. 

#18 Lebanon, the Phoenix

From the ashes of disaster, the Lebanese revolution made it possible for Lebanon to rise, like the phoenix. A powerful message of faith in our country by the artist Ghiath Al Robih.

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