15 signs that you are definitely Lebanese!

Whether you’re living in Lebanon or abroad, you can relate to some of these signs that show that you’re definitely Lebanese!

You freak out when you see weird variations of hummus or shawarma

Avocado hummus? Vegan shawarma? Some people just want to watch the world burn.

You visit Lebanese restaurants when you’re abroad

After all, Lebanese food is the best.

You bring A LOT of food when visiting someone for the first time

Because “3eib chou bi oulo 3anna l jame3a?”

You pack a lot when traveling even though it’s just for a week

You have to always be on fleek.

You mix three languages without even realizing it

  Hi! Kifak? Çava?

You don’t need lights to walk around your house

Power cuts trained you very well.

When you’re abroad, you calm people down when the power cuts

You seriously have no idea why these people are panicking.

You have a lot of patience thanks to the slow internet connection

Or maybe not.

You know that this is not an Italian hand gesture

When your parents do this, RUN!

Your non-Lebanese friends do not understand your body language

  We have a pretty bizarre body language.

You abbreviate a lot

Mar Mikh = Mar Mikhael Monop = Monoprix Macdo = Mcdonalds’

You’re a translator when you’re abroad

You can add that to your CV.

You know who Abou Kis is

You even imagined how he looks like when you were a kid.

You know how to dance the dabke

And you love it!

If you’re a Lebanese expat, Lebanon is always on your mind!

You just want to come back!