15 specialties you must try in Beqaa, Baalbek, and North Lebanon!

Beqaa and North Lebanon gather culture, history, nature, and food all in one place. If you need a nice getaway, pack your bags, head north, and try the delicious food! You will definitely not be disappointed.


Lahm b3ajin

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It looks different than the lahm b3ajin of Beirut but it tastes so good!


Moghrabieh sandwich

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Moghrabieh sandwich is Tripoli’s most famous street food item.


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Sahlab is a Lebanese pudding made with milk. The best way to enjoy it is to eat it in winter. It warms your body and satisfies your taste buds!


Oriental sweets from Al Hallab

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Al Hallab is a pastry shop that opened its doors in 1881 in Tripoli. It sells all types of Oriental sweets such as maamoul, knefeh, baklava; you name it! You must visit Al Hallab while you’re in Tripoli!

Fresh drinks

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End your day in Tripoli with a refreshing drink!




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Lebanese restaurants are reinventing the good old kaak!


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The mechtah is the signature bread of Zahle. It is enjoyed when it’s straight out of the oven.


Banadoura jabaliyye

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For those who live in the mountains know that tomatoes perfectly pair with arak, sumac, and olive oil. Some people also enjoy adding garlic sauce!

Oriental ice cream

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The best way to end a day is by eating oriental ice cream. We can all agree that ashta is one of the best flavors!



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Zahle produces an excellent quality of Arak!


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Zahle is the city of vineyards and wineries. It’s the home to Chateau Ksara which is one of the most famous Lebanese wine brands. 



Kebbeh zghartewiye

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There are many types of kebbeh in Lebanon! 

Kebbe nayye

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Some people like to eat raw kebbeh!



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Kellej is an oriental sweet that is especially enjoyed during Ramadan. The kellej in Zgharta is not fried.



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Ambarees is a 2,000-year-old cheese from Baalbeck. Locals enjoy spreading it on saj bread and grilling the sandwich. It is mostly consumed in winter when all the members of the family are gathered around the stove. Unfortunately, this cheese is on the verge of disappearing. Few people know how to make ambarees. Try this cheese while its available!


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