15 things Lebanese people who live abroad do

Whether you’re on a vacation or an international student, you remain Lebanese at heart no matter where you go.

You look both ways before crossing a one-way street

Living in Lebanon makes you do the weirdest things ever.


You get excited when you meet a fellow Lebanese

It is delightful when you hear someone speaking Lebanese abroad. Two minutes into the conversation and you find out that either you are from the same region or you’re somehow related.


You refuse to drink tap water

This is how Lebanese people react to tap water:


You compare everything with Lebanon

“Ma habbet l khyar bi Canada medre kif henne.”


You brag to your friends back home that your internet connection is faster than theirs

“Ana bi di2a baamoul download film bi kemelo.”


You try to stick to one language

It’s harder than you think.


“Sarit l se3a 6 w ma n2ata3it l kahraba.”

If you’ve ever been abroad, you certainly got a mini heart attack when you plugged in the hairdryer and thought the power would go off.


Calling your family in Lebanon is a pain because their internet connection is too slow



“3anna bi Amerka.”

Habibi you can’t say “3anna bi Amerka” and add the American flag to your Instagram bio unless you have the passport. 


You do not easily adapt to the fashion culture

Wearing casual clothes is the norm in many countries abroad, but Lebanese people stick to being extra.


You terribly miss man2oushe


You eat hummus like there’s no tomorrow

Hummus helps you battle homesickness.


You keep yourself updated about Lebanon

You know about Lebanon’s news more than your friends who live there.


You get excited about using the metro/train because the only time we use trains in Lebanon is in Jeita Grotto and Dream Park

Lebanese kids are the only ones that get super excited to ride the train in an amusement park. If you have ever used the metro or train, you know that they are super convenient. We absolutely need them in Lebanon.


You complain that there’s no toum

This is how disappointed Lebanese people look when they are eating chicken without toum abroad:


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