15 Weirdest And Funniest Lebanese Expressions!

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Lebanese people are pretty unique! Apart from mixing 3 languages, they also tend to use expressions that are funny… and sometimes weird.

Here’s our version of the Urban Dictionary!

#1 Rouh ballett el bahher

Literal translation: go tile the sea.

Meaning: get lost!

#2 El-ered bi 3ein emmo ghazel

Literal translation: the monkey is a deer in his mother’s eyes.

Meaning: mothers will always see their children as beautiful.

#3 Baselto/Baselta mahrou’a

Literal translation: his/her onion is burned.

Meaning: said of someone acting very impatient.

#4 El-tekrar bi 3allim el-ehmar

Literal translation: repetition teaches a donkey.

Meaning: practice makes perfect.

#5 Tanjra w la’yet ghataha

Literal translation: a pot finally found its own cover.

Meaning: said of two people who click, aka a good match (whatever that match could be!)

#6 Atal el-ateel w meshe bi jnezto

Literal translation: He/she killed the victim and walked in his/her funeral.

Meaning: said of a person who causes the damage then acts innocent.

#7 Qadi el-weled chana2 halo

Literal translation: the kids’ judge hung himself.

Meaning: usually said when people try to intervene in a fight between kids and can’t figure out what they are fighting about and how to handle it. In other words, it’s always impossible to play the judge in a kids’ fight.

#8 El-3ein basira w el-eed asira

Literal translation: the eye can see but the hand is short.

Meaning: We can see what’s going on but can’t do anything about it. It is also used to say no when asked for financial help.

#9 Fi baynetna khebez w meleh

Literal translation: there’s bread and salt between us.

Meaning: said of two people who go way back.

#10 Ma ta3tee wej

Bla Ignore GIF by de chinezen - Find & Share on GIPHY

Literal translation: don’t give him a face.

Meaning: Ignore him, don’t give him any attention, set boundaries.

#11 Ye’berni shou tayeb!

Literal translation: may he bury me how delicious. (brutally weird, isn’t it?)

Meaning: said about a person “How cute!”

#12 Farjeeni A3rd Ektefek

Literal translation: show me the width of your shoulders.

Meaning: Get lost!

#13 Fekk A3neh!

Literal translation: unhook yourself from me

Meaning: Leave me alone!

#14 Kol Hawa

Literal translation: Eat wind.

Meaning: said to a person to shut up when talking nonsense or unpleasant things.

#15 Rehna esslata

Literal translation: we went salad.

Meaning: We’re screwed.

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