Beirut Port Manager & 15 Others Were Just Arrested

@Ramirizk | Hussein Malla/AP

Following interrogations, the military police of the Lebanese Army have apprehended 16 people, including the port’s General Manager Hassan Koraytem.

According to government commissioner Judge Fadi Akiki, the first phase of the Beirut port explosion investigation is complete.

Judge Akiki said the investigation “covered all the circumstances that led to this massive explosion, and the resulting deaths and injuries of innocent soldiers and civilians, and the infliction of very serious damage.” 

Authorities have taken 16 people into custody for investigation, reported NNA.

According to LBCI, Public Prosecutor Judge Ghassan Oueidat has placed a travel ban on the following individuals, along with Koraytem, from the Beirut Port and Customs:

  • Shafiq Merhi
  • Nayla Al-Hajj
  • Badri Daher
  • Mustafa Farshoukh
  • Michel Nahoul
  • Fawzi Al Baraks

He also sent a letter to the Special Investigation Commission to freeze their accounts.

So far, 18 others have been questioned.

This includes officials from the Beirut Port and the Customs department, whose responsibility was to conduct maintenance work in Ward No. 12, the hangar that stored highly combustible ammonium nitrate and other highly flammable material.

The investigative committee has been given 5 days since the blast on Tuesday to report their findings to determine, identify, and hold accountable those responsible for Beirut’s catastrophe.

While the investigation is still ongoing, the Lebanese people are eager for the real guilty individuals to be brought to justice, whatever their official ranks, hoping that this major unforgivable crime against Lebanon won’t be just charged on minor players or subordinates.

As the slogan goes: All Means All.

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