16 Reasons Why You Should Visit Aley In Lebanon

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If you’re looking for beautiful sights, delicious food, cool activities, and relaxing resorts, Aley in Mount Lebanon should be your destination.

Only 30 minutes from Beirut, Aley is known for tourism, history, traditions, old buildings, art, appetizing food, and breathtaking views.

There are plenty of reasons why you should spend a day or more in Aley, and here are the most relevant ones:

#1 Street Art is everywhere

Aley’s bridges, walkways, and walls are illustrated with graffiti and mural arts of historical figures, cartoon characters, whimsical children, and Cubist paintings.

In 2017, the NGO Ahla Fawda’s founder Eman Assaf partnered with the municipality of Aley to highlight the local vast views through street art done by Lebanese and British artists.

“All it takes is a bit of paint for people to realize the potential of an already beautiful place,” Assaf said in an interview for “City of Aley”.  

#2 Aley has open-air museums

Artists from around the globe created more than 300 works of open-air sculptures within Aley.

40 international artists from 30 different countries, as well as 18 local sculptors, participated in creating the city’s symposia, each in his/her own style.

Sculptures were crafted from wood, iron, mosaic, and marble, creating a mix of classic, modern, abstract, and figurative art.

After 1999, Aley became the new center of international contemporary sculpture.

#3 It has cool roasters and cafΓ©s

When you enter and smell the pleasant high-quality coffee beans, it will feel just like home.

CafΓ© Noel and Al-Madina Nuts are hidden gems in Aley with organic products, spices, sweets, fruits, candy, and much more.

#4 There are many fun activities to enjoy

Aley has amusement parks, the Mountain Park, and Aley Equi Club for both kids and adults.

You can horseback ride, hike, rock climb, mountain climb, trek, play paintball, camp, and much more.

#5 You’ll find all types of restaurants of different cuisines

Once in Aley, you’ll get to enjoy cool restaurants with delicious cuisines.

#6 Charming houses worth admiring

#7 You can stroll, bike, or do yoga in nature

#8 And get to enjoy a picnic under the pine trees

#9 Stroll its souk and enjoy shopping

#10 Old artistic spots worth discovering

#11 Breathtaking views

#12 Get to meet endangered species at Animal Encounter

In Aley’s Ras Al-Jabal, injured animals and endangered species have a safe haven.

In 1993, Mounir and Diana Abi-Said founded Animal Encounter, a refuge for animals and a wildlife awareness and educational center. It is one of the few centers of its kind in Lebanon.

#13 Check some of Aley’s widely known resorts and venues

#14 Overnight accommodations and guesthouses don’t lack in Aley

Aley has some richly decorated apartments and luxurious hotels. With their unique locations and mountainous views, the stay-ins have the finest settings for a leisurely getaway.

#15 It’s called “The Summer Bride” for a reason

With an altitude from 600m up to 950m above sea level, Aley has always been a welcoming escape from the heat of the capital, and a sought-after destination by locals and tourists.

#16 Get to explore Aley’s fascinating abandonned places, camera in hand!

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16 Reasons Why You Should Visit Aley In Lebanon

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