16 Seafood Restaurants In Lebanon To Enjoy Exquisite Meals With Your Friends

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Summers are great in Lebanon, with multiple resorts to visit, restaurants, rooftops, sunset bars, and you guessed it: delicious seafood!

From south to north, the Lebanese coast boasts restaurants with deliciously fresh seafood, pleasant settings, and breathtaking sea views. Excellent seafood restaurants are also found in the cities with no less great ambiance.

Here are some notable ones you should consider enjoying this summer with your friends and family:

Merchak Aal Baher – Batroun

Located on the beautiful coast of Batroun, Merchak Aal Baher serves delicious seafood with a stunning sea view.

For reservation, contact 76 948 888.

Pieds Dans L’eau – Hamat

Pieds Dans L’Eau in Hamat, north of Lebanon, gives you exactly that unique experience, sitting with your feet on the water by the sea while being served a fine meal of fresh seafood.

For more info, contact 71 005 053.

Chez Fouad – Anfeh

Located on the splendid coast of Anfeh in the Koura district, Chez Fouad serves delicious food in a friendly and summer-vibes atmosphere, right by the sea.

For reservations, you can contact 70 830 117.

Oceanda Restaurant & Venue – Safra

For an enjoyable lunch or dinner with your friends, you can visit Oceanda Restaurant and enjoy an exquisite homemade seafood experience. This lovely dining spot is located in the Safra coastal town of Keserwan.

Contact 70 237 047 for more inquiries.

Bait – Beirut

Bait is a high-end Mediterranean-fish restaurant offering exquisite seafood in the heart of Beirut.

For more info, contact 76 749 000.

Murray Resto-Cafe – Kaslik & Antelias

For a stunning view and friendly vibes, you can visit Murray Resto-Cafe and taste their rich menu, including their seafood items!

For more info, contact Antelias branch on 04 444 213 – 71 154 170, or Kaslik branch on 81 009 570 – 81 009 580.

Chez Zakhia – Jounieh

Located in Jounieh, Chez Zakhia offers fresh all-season seafood and traditional Lebanese mezze within a trendy ambiance and great view of the bay.

For more info, contact 03 846 222 – 09 911 004.

Samkit El Sultan – Achrafieh

Samkit El Sultan in Achrafieh serves all kinds of fresh fish and seafood, fried and grilled, for an exquisite palate experience with your loved ones.

For more info, contact 70 682 902.

La Paillote – Ain Mraisseh

Serving seafood and shellfish since 1964, La Paillote is the nicest place to experience delicious, fresh, and tasty seafood in Beirut.

For more details, contact 01 369 113.

Le Canoe – Dbayeh

Also serving seafood for years, especially since 1996, Le Canoe is a stunning fish restaurant located in the Marina Yacht Club of the Holiday Beach Resort in Dbayeh.

For more info, contact 76 381 111.

Al Sultan Brahim – Downtown & Jounieh

One of the most famous seafood restaurants in Lebanon since 1961, Al Sultan Brahim has kept its legacy and prestige alive through the ups and downs of the country, serving traditional seafood and standing as the place to go to for an excellent seafood meal and an enjoyable gathering.

You can contact the Beirut branch on 01 989 989 and the Jounieh branch on 09 853 753.

Babel – Various locations

Located in Dbayeh (Babel), Zaitunay Bay (Babel Bay), and Amchit (Babel Bahr), this high-end restaurant offers a wide variety of fine Lebanese cuisine, including mouthwatering seafood, cooked with fresh ingredients!

For more info, contact 04 546 546, 09 620 999, or 01 370 846.

Pierre & Friends – Batroun

Pierre & Friends has long been a destination for seafood as well as for its beach bar, its pleasant terrace at the beach, and its cool ambiance to hang out.

For more inquiries, 03 352 930.

Al Mandaloun Waterfront – Beirut

For a great Mediterranean experience with a stunning sea view, great food, salad & mezze bar, and chic ambiance, try Al Mandaloun Waterfront in Beirut with your loved ones and/or friends.

For more information, contact 03 400 404.

Fidar Beach House – Fidar

Open all week, except on Mondays, Fidar Beach House is located in the Fidar coastal town of the Byblos district. It serves delicious seafood at its lovely terrace with a Mediterranean feel that is not to miss.

For more details, contact 81 783 793.

Botrys Sea Lounge – Kfar Abida

Another great setting on the beach with an amazing sea view, fresh seafood, and chill ambiance, the Botrys Sea Lounge is a must-try in Kfar Abida in Batroun.

For more info, contact 71 100 036.