17 Lebanese Women We Celebrate On International Women’s Day 2022


Women have been sustaining the present and shaping up the future of the world. Many took leadership roles, others took the path of science, the path of chemistry, the path of engineering, and others, all with the purpose to make a positive difference, and bring humanity forward.

Once in their paths, women tend to be overachievers, doing their best and giving all their hard work and love for their environment and community.

In Lebanon, it is no different, they are who they are, yet they have to struggle more than most of their peers in the world because of the existing restrictions on their rights, the gender-bias laws, and the continuous struggle of the nation with crises.

This is for them, a tribute to those women who are making a difference, sustaining the nation, nurturing the country’s future assets, maintaining a balance in the chaos, providing relief to those in need, mending the wounds, rebuilding from the ashes, bringing in reforms, and more.

Little recognized for their values, yet stubbornly challenging the odds to assume their life missions, they are not just making a difference, they are the difference that makes this country a place to love and admire.

#1 The Mothers

Lebanese mothers work around the clock to take care of their work, home, and families. Relentless, adamant to do their best, they are the light of this nation, the love that keeps it sane, the consciousness that maintains balance amid the chaos and prevents war, and the hope-infusers that lift us when in despair.

#2 The Grandmothers

They are the strength of two consecutive generations, voices of wisdom and compassion, survivors of long years of war who preach and enact peace, a source of unconditional love…

#3 The Working Women

The Lebanese working women are to be hailed for their extraordinary endurance to assume their duties at home and in the job, multitasking amid the challenges with a smile, standing as a role model of resistance, reliability, and resilience.

#4 Lebanese women in business

We tend to recognize very few yet they are not so few, these Lebanese women in business, many successfully building theirs from scratch, and many others partaking in major enterprises. Inspiring in their hardworking path, they are role models to uphold.

#5 The Health Care Workers

The pandemic brought them to be recognized yet their hard work and sacrifices to bring relief did not start there. They’ve been on their mission since they chose their career path.

Dealing with human sufferings and illnesses every day, endeavoring to assist and bring relief, rejoicing at the healing of others, and grieving those who don’t make it, these health workers are human power in white uniforms.

#6 The women In the military

Patriotism incarnated, courage beyond the standard, Lebanese women in the military are a declaration that defies sexism and misogyny of those who still assume that women are not strong enough and capable enough to undertake any conventional men’s job.

They are an inspiration and a living proof of women’s strength and capabilities.

#7 The Female Students

Via Al Arabiya

This year, in particular, we acknowledge Lebanese female students who are adamant to break existing barriers to build a better future for themselves and their country, all-knowing that they will have to deal with the lack of women’s rights.

Along with their male peers, they have been voicing out their demands for a better country and building its base with the rise of their secular clubs.

#8 The Female Teachers

By Julia Wallace

It isn’t enough to celebrate teachers once a year as their dedication to educating the country’s assets is not annual but daily. When it comes to female teachers, much must be taken into consideration, for they also have their home and household to take care of, with all that it entails of hard work and multitasks.

They work long hours, as their tasks don’t end in class nor at the exit of the school’s gates. They have lessons to prepare and homework and exams to review and grade, and these tag along with them all the way home.

And yet, teachers in Lebanon, especially women, are not paid enough, although they are the backbone of Lebanon’s future.

#9 The Environmental Activists

Among Lebanese activists for the environment, women are many, and some have been making a huge difference at a large level. They rose at a time when little to no awareness existed in Lebanon about the importance of honoring and preserving our environment.

And they have been relentless, in voice and action, for a clean and sustainable future for all. Among them, 9 have been recognized this year by the United Nations as leaders against climate change in Lebanon.

#10 The Political Activists

Nabil Ismail

Acting as agents for change, Lebanese women have been courageous and determined these past 3 years in demanding political reforms for a better Lebanon free. They have been fearless in a country where women struggle against gender-bias laws and mindsets and have had little to no representation in government.

#11 The Feminist Activists


Fearless to obtain equal rights, feminist activists in Lebanon have been also relentless, defying the status quo and harsh criticism to advocate for social justice and gender equality.

#12 The Women In The Civil Defense

The women in civil defense have shown that they are as courageous and strong as their male peers in the field, risking their lives against the fiercest of enemies: fire and crumbling constructions.

To them, those among us continuing their selfless mission and those who gave their lives to save others, to Sahar Fares, we give tribute today for being such an inspiration of heroism and human dedication.

#13 The women pilots breaking archaic norms

The Lebanese women pilots have defied the archaic norms set by society and have demonstrated that even the sky is not a limit to them, standing as an inspiration to their peers and the younger generations in the country.

#14 The Red Cross volunteers

We remember them during major dramatic events yet they have been always there, heroes walking through conflicts and the pandemic to save lives at the risk of theirs.

#15 The Women innovators


Lebanese women working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields are the innovators pushing their country forward into an easier future with technology and developments.

Women in STEM are also working to provide a safer place for all of us and working to find medicines and innovations that will shape the world’s future.

#16 The Women builders

Similar and equally strong and intelligent as their male peers, women engineers and architects have worked in rebuilding the capital after the Beirut Blast.

#17 The humanitarian volunteers

They are many, young and not so young, providing relief to the suffering of those less unfortunate. Little is known or spoken about that most NGOs in Lebanon are run by women, devoted to social causes deemed crucial to a healthy society.