17 Reasons To Spend At Least A Day In Maghdouche, Lebanon

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If you’re looking for cool gems to discover in South Lebanon, you should head to the ancient town of Maghdouche, located just 8 km from Sidon.

Particularly famous for its Biblical grotto of Holy Mary, this serene town is home to impressive religious sites, charming old houses, beautiful ancient alleys, and much more.

So, if you haven’t taken the time to visit this Lebanese shiny star nestled in natural greenery and overlooking the coast, here are over a dozen reasons why you should without delay:

#1 The views everywhere your eyes land are Instagram-worthy

#2 The Biblical Shrine of Saydet El-Mantara 

The grotto was discovered in 1726 and has been one of Lebanon’s major religious and touristic sites ever since. It is sought by people of all religions, locally and from around the world.

According to historians, Mary Mother of Jesus waited for her son in the grotto while he was preaching in Sidon, as local jewish traditions at the time prohibited women to enter some cities.

The shrine of Saydet El Mantara (Our Lady of Awaiting) was initially a place of Phoenician worship dedicated to the goddess Astarte, according to historians.

With the Phoenicians adopting Christianity, many of their temples and shrines across today’s Lebanon were converted to Christian sites of prayers, including churches.

#3 The Great Basilica Of Our Lady of Mantara, a religious and artistic gem

This impressive basilica is a masterpiece of art, beautifully decorated with fine frescos and icons. The breathtaking mosaic icon at the entrance of the basilica represents the Nativity and is the biggest in the Middle East.

Background: The Greek-Catholic community owns the land since 1860 and has developed it to what it is today of a beautiful and well-maintained religious site, including the hexagonal chapel and its 28m high tower.

The statue of the “Madonna and Child” topping the tower was created by the Italian artist Pierrotti.

#4 Discover the Old Maghdouche neighborhood 

This old colorful neighborhood is best explored on foot to enjoy all that it has to offer of old architecture and interesting spots.

#5 Charming old houses

#6 Dazzling alleys that take you back in time

#7 It’s an enchanting traditional town

#8 Serenty at its best!

#9 Homemade Mouneh from the town’s natural blessings

#10 Maghdouche’s traditional food can get you visiting again!

And you can’t possibly miss savoring the traditional Saj wrap in its varieties!

#11 Artisanship & unique products

The town is also producing cool acrylic pianos!

And 100% natural soaps, creatively made for all occasions:

#12 The town has awesome glamping facilities

You can spend a weekend or more in town to fully enjoy it and its serene environment. If camping in nature is not your thing, go for glamping!

#13 An inspiring environment for tracking and hiking

#14 It’s home to a Sycamore tree dating back to the 16th Century


#15 There is a variety of restaurants for all tastes

#16 Accommodations to spend the night with style

#17 Breathtaking sceneries!

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