17 Romantic Things You Can Do In Lebanon That Won’t Cost You That Much

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Valentine’s day is near the corner, and many in Lebanon are getting ready to surprise their lovers with a romantic get-together and more.

Couples wait for Valentine’s as a unique opportunity to express their mutual love and celebrate this annual event with romance and intimacy.

There are many events taking place this Valentine’s in Lebanon, but if you are someone with a budget or just prefer to hang out with your significant other alone, this is for you.

And if you are single this Valentine’s day, these suggestions can also be perfect for you and your group of friends. After all, Valentine’s day is to celebrate love in all its forms and categories.

#1 Going on a picnic “A Deux”

There are many picnic spots across Lebanon where you can spend a romantic day or evening with your S/O surrounded by nature or even in public parks in the city.

Have fun this Valentine’s around a simple picnic. Just take what’s necessary and enjoy the romantic date. Just don’t forget the wine!

#2 Hiking

Hiking in Lebanon is an amazing experience, whether in the winter or summer, and it is not void of romance as you bond together surrounded by nature and breathtaking views. It is actually an exhilarating dating adventure to do with your special one.

To make this Valentine’s special, take your date hiking in the white mountains of Lebanon and enjoy the snowy trails.

#3 Touring the ancient city of Byblos

Byblos is one of the very romantic cities in Lebanon with its ancient-time environment and vibes, its view of the Mediterranean sea, its many cozy restaurants, its ancient sites, and its museums.

All in all, going on a trip across historical Byblos is not only a great cultural “stimulator” but also a wonderful date idea to stroll together holding hands and exploring the undying beauty of this ancient Phoenician city.

#4 Camping

Nothing is more romantic than spending the sunrise and the sunset with your lover. Camping is a great and very cheap date idea since you only need a tent, and many camping spots are available in Lebanon for cheap or for free.

Just don’t forget to add some lighting, bring some good wine and chocolate, and enjoy the starry night sparkling over your time a-deux.

#5 Food truck tour

Spend your valentine’s day with your special one enjoying your favorite foods or discovering new restaurants.

Food trucks are known for their fast, delicious, and cheap food items. Plus, there are many food trucks across Lebanon, so it’s very easy to find one in almost every city.

#6 Discover together a natural wonder

Lebanon doesn’t lack natural wonders and hidden natural gems. Why not spend this Valentine’s Day discovering one or more of Lebanon’s natural sceneries with your date?

#7 Valentine’s Bowling

Bowling is super fun and entertaining activity to enjoy a nice evening with your date, and if you are on a budget, bowling is the thing to do.

#8 Have a thrilling date time at an Escape Room

Dating while bonding and enjoying the thrill and the excitement of escape rooms is a great idea to spend your Valentine’s day this year.

You can easily go on a date to one of the many escape rooms in Lebanon.

#9 A cultural Valentine’s day

There are several museums and art galleries across the country where you can easily go on a cultural/romantic trip and discover the charm of Lebanese culture and art.

#10 Share an exciting biking day with your Valentine

Bike rides are great for a fresh and eco-friendly adventure across the country.

This Valentine’s day, take your date on a refreshing bike ride in your city or across the beautiful villages in Lebanon.

#11 A Valentine’s day of exciting games

Tap into your “inner-child” and get to play some stimulating board games with your sweetheart. You can either go to any of the many places where board games are available in the country or you can enjoy a date at your place, laughing and invigorating your minds with your favorite games.

#12 Valentine’s Karaoke night

Reflect on your talent or just your fun spirit and enjoy this valentine singing your lungs out with your date or your “group date” and have fun the whole night serenading your date with love songs.

#13 Take a Valentine’s Road trip

Start your date early and go on a road trip from dusk until dawn and enjoy the whole day discovering new places, eating out, jamming your favorite music, and bonding with your date.

#14 Explore a new city with your Valentine

Take your date on a fun walk/tour of the city that’s pending on your bucket list and enjoy its cultural, natural, and historical backgrounds while discovering its local community.

#15 Discover abandoned places

There are many abandoned yet stunning places you can visit in Lebanon like Grand Sawfar Hotel, Villa Donna Maria Sursock, the Grand Aley Hotel, or the abandoned train station in Dahr el Baidar.

Thus, taking your date to discover abandoned places in Lebanon is a great pastime/date this Valentine’s.

#16 Binge watch your favorite movies/series

Pour two glasses of wine and binge-watch your favorite movie or series with your Valentine in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Enjoy this valentine’s either laughing at a comedic movie or cuddling over a romantic movie.

#17 Spark the Valentine’s flame cooking together

Cooking with your S/O can be actually romantic and exciting, let alone satisfactory. It is little things like this that spark the flame of love and appreciation.

You can easily and cheaply prepare a romantic dinner, add some candles, scatter some flowers around the room and enjoy the dinner “à deux” in the comfort of your house.

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