17 Seafood Restaurants For Delicious Lunch In Lebanon

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This summer, don’t just swim in Lebanon’s beaches, do also experience the country’s rich and refreshing seafood dishes. Here’s a list of seafood restaurants to try in and which comes in addition to last year’s list of exceptional places.

#1 Le Canoë

Le Canoë is a highly-rated restaurant located at the Holiday Beach resort in Zouk Mosbeh that is serving up Lebanese cuisine and seafood. The restaurant is near the Marina Yacht Club, making it accessible from land and sea.

#2 Oceanda 

Oceanda is a widely-visited homemade seafood restaurant and wedding venue by the sea in the coastal town of Safra in Keserwan, north of Beirut.

#3 Halat Sailing Club

The Halat Sailing Club is a must-try beach restaurant with a magical view. It also offers different kinds of water activities like windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, standup paddleboarding, and more.

#4 Oyster’s

Along the Batroun Port sits a humble family-owned and family-run seafood restaurant and “scallops bar” that vows to serve up a homely, organic, unpretentious experience. Using seashells as serving platters, Oyster’s seafood bar might make you feel like the god of the sea Poseidon himself!

#5 Murray Restro-Cafe

Located by the sea in Antelias, Lebanon, Murray Resto-Cafe is touted for its insane food presentation that’s really like no other place, especially with its table shawarma stands and burger towers and this huge “Booming Seafood” platter!

#6 Samakati

With multiple locations scattered across the country from Mar Mikhael, Beirut, to Nanaya Beach Club in El-Herri, Chekka, to LaTaiga Resort in Kfar Abida, and at the LaSiesta Resort in Khaldeh, Samakati is the Lebanese seafood restaurant you can’t go wrong with.

#7 Merou Seafood

Merou Seafood brings the taste of the sea straight to the city with its high quality of fresh fish and “fruits de mer”.

#8 Chez Maguy

Chez Maguy in Batroun‘s old town on the shore is possibly the most colorful seafood restaurant in the country. It’s a pet-friendly spot with direct access to the beach.

#9 Kelly’s Fish Lounge

The quality and taste at this fresh fish market and restaurant in Achrafieh will certainly make up for the lack of a sea view.

#10 Merchak Aal Baher

Located in the Bonita Bay Beach Resort in Batroun, Merchak Aal Baher’s stunning view overlooking the sea and atmosphere makes it a pristine dining experience, with a diverse menu and fresh fish options to choose from.

#11 Fidar Beach House

This delightful restaurant lounge in the coastal town of Fidar offers delicious bites, free access to the beach, and dreamy views of the sunset for a never-ending summer.

#12 Aal Shatt

Promising to offer a decadent experience by the sea, Aal Shatt is a Lebanese restaurant located in the heart of Tabarja bringing the catch of the day to your table.

#13 Chez Zakhia

In Jounieh, Chez Zakhia is a quaint and authentic seafood restaurant perched over the Mediterranean Sea with access to the beach where you can book a set-up for private occasions.

#14 Abou Walid Seafood

Since 1989, Abou Walid restaurant has been serving up authentic local seafood in the coastal town of Bouar. Make sure to check out the fresh catch!

#15 Borj Al Samak

Borj Al Samak is serving daily fresh seafood and Lebanese cuisine in El-Mina, Tripoli, an area famous for its cuisine, especially samkeh harra.

#16 Al Marsah

One of the top-rated restaurants in South Lebanon, Al Marsah facing the sea in Tyre offers both Lebanese cuisine and seafood. Its casual family-friendly vibes make it a great stop for breakfast and coffee by the sea.

#17 Samkit El Sultan

Located in the heart of Achrafieh in Beirut, Samkit El Sultan was born out of the owner’s passion for family, people, and food. Samkit El Sultan has since become a go-to place for excellent seafood in the city.