2 Lebanese Were Reportedly Tricked Into Digitally Mapping Beirut For Israel – Helping Them Kill Hamas Leader

Anadolu Ajansi

A recent report from the Lebanese newspaper “Al-Akhbar” revealed according to judicial sources that an investigative judge has issued warrants for two individuals suspected of providing information to Israel.

This information includes a detailed mapping of streets in a southern suburb of Beirut uncovering its involvement in the assassination of Hamas Deputy Chief of Political Bureau, Saleh al-Arouri, last January.

The revelation comes as a result of what appears to be a fortuitous discovery, exposing one of the most perilous spy networks operating in Lebanon on behalf of the Israeli enemy.

According to the report, the warrants were issued by Fadi Sawwan, the investigative judge at the military tribunal, following the detention of the two Lebanese citizens who were found in possession of advanced digital mapping equipment.

The main suspect, alongside another individual, both experts in computer engineering and telecommunications, received $200,000 for their involvement.

They collaborated with what seemed to be a fake American company, acting as a cover for Israeli intelligence.

Their task included extensive surveillance, mapping areas like Beirut and its southern suburbs, documenting streets, building businesses, vehicles, license plates, and pedestrian details.

Among the streets mapped by the suspects was the one where Saleh Arouri, Hamas’s deputy leader, was killed in a targeted strike that also claimed the lives of six others.

The mapping of this specific area occurred nearly two weeks before the fatal attack.

The detainees currently face charges of espionage for a foreign country and unauthorized acquisition of sensitive national security information, carrying a potential sentence of life imprisonment.

However, the Israeli military has yet to respond to requests for comment on the matter.

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