An Alarming Number Of People Drowned In The Past Few Weeks In Lebanon

20 People Drowned In Lebanon In The Past Couple Of Months

Drowning has claimed a total of 20 victims in Lebanon in a matter of a few weeks, according to numbers shared by the Internal Security Forces (ISF).

In a period of about two months to date, seven people drowned in the sea, seven drowned in rivers, and six others drowned in irrigation pools, the ISF revealed in a statement on Saturday. The victims include Lebanese and Syrian nationals.

In light of the alarming number of drowning victims recorded in that short period, the ISF‘s Directorate of Public Relations calls on people in Lebanon to be cautious and to adhere to safety instructions at all times while swimming.

Choosing bad swimming locations, including swimming in the presence of powerful water currents, and ignoring safety measures are all factors that can lead to drowning, even for experienced swimmers.

Around a week ago, the Lebanese Civil Defense rescued a man who got stranded between rocks while swimming in the Mount Lebanon Governorate.

In order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, here is a safety checklist to keep in mind when going out swimming in the sea, in rivers, or in pools.

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