20+ Funny Posters Just Spotted at Lebanese Protests

Beirut is known to be a city that never sleeps but, in the past days, Lebanon as a whole has been up awake all night, endeavoring in the addictive scent of revolution and getting drunk on change. Our hearts carry so much love to the protests that erupted Thursday night, 18th October, against the corruption that has forced Lebanese to live under harsh conditions for years. One of our favorite parts in these protests is the posters with humorous meanings that are getting us to… LOL!


#1. Extra garlic, not extra tax

Via Layan Srour

As Lebanese, we always love extra garlic in our Shawarma sandwich and our shish-taouk, and you name it. But you will never find us asking the Shawarma guy if we can pay him a 250.- LBP extra tax for the sandwich.


#2 Game over!

@hugo_ltsembedded via  

No more Monopoly money-game-making on the people!  


#3 Because of Bay El-Kel (father of the nation) I now have daddy issues

Via Nour Abdul Reda

Don’t we all? P.S. That’s the nicknamed that the people once bestowed on our current president. After his speech on Thursday, he certainly lost the endearing title.


#4 Thank you for this revolution, now we have nightlife in Tripoli

Via Jamila Khodor

Tripoli, life looks so good on you! Our Northern Capital, which has long been oppressed and depressed, has been now on a series of upbeat nights, dancing their nights away while doing their sit-in and protests.


#5. Leave me alone, I just arrived!

@maha_fayad_nnnembedded via  

Oh, but she’s right… she’s right…!


#6 Now You Pissed Off Boston

@mrimprobableembedded via  

Yeah, don’t mess with Boston! The Lebanese government has not only pissed off Boston, but also numerous states in the USA, countries in Europe, cities in Canada and Australia, and even in Iraq, Mexico, Oman, Brazil, Sudan, New Zealand, and you name it!


#7. Climate is changing, why not our politicians

@csrlebanonembedded via  

Right, the whole universe is evolving, the climate is changing, and even women can now drive in Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon has still been unable to change its politicians.


#8 Mop Away!

Via Nour Abdul Reda

A chicken, a mop, and a guy carrying the weirdest custom-made poster with a powerful statement: Leave!


#9 The scariest thing in Lebanon should be “No Hummus”

Via Fatima Awada

And as another protestor has stated: “Protest Lebanon, it is the only country that has good hummus.” We second that.


#10 Don’t bet on us getting bored. We’re from the generation that waited three episodes for captain Majed to shoot the ball.

Via Ahmad Mereby

Captain Majed was a dubbed Japanese manga series about a soccer player that Lebanese had to watch religiously, waiting patiently through three full episodes for Captain Majed to score.


#11. I hope you choke on the vows you failed to deliver

Via Nour Abdul Reda

And please nobody pat them on the back to stop the choking.


#12. So bad, even introverts are here

@osama_obedembedded via  

Yep, friends, that’s how bad things have been and how eager we all are for radical changes.


#13. Resign, my hand is getting tired

Via Nour Abdul Red

From raising the Lebanese flag up high to swaggering down the pavements with our creative posters, we certainly have all gained some bicep muscles!


#14. Let me go back to my mum, I am tired of eating McDonald’s!

@larajeradeembedded via  

Our diasporas in Ukraine representing us at their best and expressing their nostalgia to the homeland and homemade meals! 


#15. The road is closed due to the nation’s maintenance

@danakozbarembedded via  

Yep, the homeland needs urgent maintenance, so no passing until it’s done!


#16. I’m short, somebody carries me, I can’t see a thing

Via Elissar Al-Batlouni

Does he mean the president? We still have to find that guy to ask him.


#17. I want my kids to be Lebanese, with a Shawarma sandwich and extra garlic.

Via Jean Geagea

Married to a Lebanese woman, the guy is right to ask for a change in government that can change the current law in that regard. 


#18. My mum thinks I’m in the library #INeedToStudy

Via Elissar Al-Batlouni

Sorry, mum, I’m trying to give the government a lesson to learn instead. 


#19. I told my mum I’m studying

Via Elissar Al-Batlouni

You’ll meet her around the corner, dude. She’s also protesting!


#20. This semester, my grades are going down and I’ll be taking the system down with me!

Via Ahmad Mereby

Don’t worry, fellow protester! We got your back! 


#21. Dear politicians, you have attachment issues –psychology students.

Via Nour Abdul Reda

Yep! So attached to these seats that they are making everybody sick with their attachment issues. (Anyone’s seen Freud somewhere?)


#22. We can smell your stink all the way to Norway

Via Ziad Srouji

This adorable Lebanese-Norwegian family is supporting Lebanon all the way from Norway! (Well, the hubby doesn’t seem to have had much of choice, did he?)


#23 I’ll probably get out of this chair before you do

@wearelebanonembedded via  

A most heartwarming and powerful statement and we love her for it and her resilience!  We vote you for you girl, for Prime Minister!


#24 Happiest depressed people you’ll ever meet

@livelovebeirutembedded via  

Give it to the Lebanese to feel happy while depressed by the country’s severe depression and go on singing our troubles away! Very powerful message!


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20+ Funny Posters Just Spotted at Lebanese Protests

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