20 Guesthouses For A Memorable Holiday Getaway In Lebanon

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Staying at a guesthouse is always a good idea if you are considering a change of scenery and environment with your partner or family and spending quality time with them during the holidays.

Guesthouses offer that space of happy tranquility and warmth, and the personal attention of the owners and their friendliness. Thatโ€™s in addition to the opportunity for you and your family to visit a new surrounding.

Whether you are looking to spend the holiday weekend in the mountains or in the city by the sea, the options are many, with each guesthouse being distinctive in characteristics.

#1 Meouchy Guesthouse โ€“ Jezzine

Meouchy Guesthouse is located in the beautiful village of Jezzine, southern Lebanon, a few steps from the main square, which will get you to visit the village during your stay.

A traditional house beautifully well maintained, it offers modern amenities and comfort, spacious balconies, and breakfast, and promises โ€œan unforgettable 5 stars sleeping experience.โ€

Some board games are available as well as other fun games such as ping-pong and baby-foot. For more information: +961 70 900 646

#2 Sequoia Guesthouse โ€“ Bsharri

A modest village house with amenities, in the serene mountains of Bsharri, Sequoia is surrounded by serene nature with an impressive view of the Qannoubine Valley.

For more information: +96170107975

#3 Paradise Guesthouse โ€“ Akoura

Standing in magnificent beauty in the heights of Akoura, the Paradise Guesthouse offers a stay in style with a lot of open space. It is surrounded by nature, trees, and treehouses.

It is a spacious place with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and can accommodate up to 16 persons.ย The area could be dressed up in snow this time of the year.

For more information +961 76 53 64 67

#4 Karaz guesthouse โ€“ Ehden

Nested in the beating heart of Ehden, the Karaz guesthouse is an old Lebanese mansion that has kept its 200-year traditional charm all through.

In addition to offering breakfast and a cozy homey stay characterized by the Lebanese northern hospitality, it overlooks Ehden plaza, which you can enjoy during your stay. The place is also pet-friendly.

For more information: +961 76660155

#5 Boustany Guesthouse โ€“ Barouk

Nothing is more amazing than celebrating the holidays in Barouk, EL Chouf area while being hugged by the warmth of the traditional cedar trees and the cozy nights in front of chimneys.

The Boustany Guesthouse provides you with that experience in its traditional house in Midane street.

For more information: +9615240054

#6 Beit Kfoun guesthouse โ€“ Kfoun

Originally built as an olive mill in 1885, the father of the current owner turned it into a traditional family house. This homey and cozy guesthouse with an impressive mountain view and olive, walnuts, and grenadine trees is located in the small, calm village of Kfoun, in the heights of Jbeil.

Itโ€™s only 10 min ride from Byblos City Center. It has 2 bedrooms, 6 beds, 1 bath, and can accommodate up to 8 guests, and a spacious garden.

Itโ€™s also pet-friendly and ideal for nature lovers and hikers. Plus, the Bentael Nature Reserve is only 4.6 km away.

For more information: 03 755 842

#7 Kaia Guesthouse โ€“ Barouk

Located in Barouk, Chouf, this guesthouse is only a 40 minutes drive from Beirut and provides 24/7 electricity power, which has become unusual in Lebanon.

You will be cherishing the stay in this beautiful guesthouse facing The mighty Barouk Cedars and hugged by the beautiful snowy scenery of the Chouf village.

For more information:ย +961 81 060 621

#8 Iskandar Guesthouse โ€“ Anfeh

If you are looking for a stay by the sea, Iskandar Guesthouse in the Phoenician city of Anfeh is a serene place overlooking the ancient salines and windmills. The sight of the sea is delightful especially at sunset, and the guesthouse comesย fully equipped.

Anfeh is a picturesque coastal city worth exploring.

For more information: 961 71 896183

#9 Saqi Guesthouse โ€“ ย Saqi Rechmaiya, Byblos

A getaway amid serene pine forests and beautiful hiking trails, the Saqi Guesthouse was originally a monastery and then a seminary before turning into is a house with beautiful details.

You will get to engage with the friendly local culture, enjoy the historical heritage of the charming village of Saqi Rechmaya, and also bring along your pet if you wish since the place is pet-friendly.

Free wireless internet and breakfast are included. For more information: +961 3 279 849.

#10 Dar Zefta โ€“ Nabatieh

A magnificent gem in Nabatieh built between 1906 and 1911, the guesthouse has well-maintained its Baroque style and classical Roman architecture.

Elegance, authenticity, and comfort, all combined to make your stay memorable in this homey guesthouse.

For more information: +961 81 895151

#11 Beit Shbebo โ€“ Beit Shabab

Located in the heart of the beautiful village of Beit Chabab, Beit Shbebo guesthouse offers a stay in a traditional old house with modern amenities and a view of the picturesque scene of Lebanese houses.

For more information: +961 70 494709

#12 Beit el Nessim โ€“ El Mina, Tripoli

Want to discover the historical city of Tripoli and stroll along the old streets of the city? Enjoying a stay at this traditional and cozy house is the place to consider.

A historic landmark restored in 2012, Beit el Nessim has its own particular characteristics with high ceilings and vaults of past centuries, exquisite glass doors of times past gone, various rustic features, including a chimney, as well as a rooftop terrace, and an interior courtyard.

That, added to the integrated amenities of modern comfort, makes the stay in this place a unique experience.

Beit el Nessim is located in El Mina, Tripoliโ€™s seaside. There are various things you can do in El Mina during your stay, as well as when visiting Tripoli.

For more information: +961 3 308 156

#13 Al Yasmine Guesthouse โ€“ Maaliye, Tyre

Located between Tyre and Naqoura, this charming place surrounded by orchards will help you escape the busy life of the holidays in the city. You will be mesmerized by the view of both the mountain as well as the sea.

The place has 20 guestrooms scattered across the property, with each its unique attribute.

For more information: 961 3 372 888

#14 Dar el Berkeh Guesthouse โ€“ Chouf

A magnificent traditional Lebanese house in the Chouf Mountains, Dar el Berkeh is as homey as 18th centuryโ€™s homes can be, offering a unique experience yet will all modern essentials.

Itโ€™s located by the Barouk Cedars reserve and the Niha cliffs.

For more information: +961 3 606 783

#15 Beit Alia โ€“ Tannourine

Want to spend the holidays with serenity and relaxing vibes amid an inspiring natural environment? Consider a private bungalow at Beit Alia. Located in the spectacular village reserve of Tannourine, the bungalows have their own private gardens.

For more information: 70 708107

#16 Beit Mirna โ€“ Ehden

Located in Ehden, North-Lebanon, Beit Mirna offers a peaceful getaway surrounded by gorgeous nature. It provides private rooms with each a private bathroom, and breakfast.ย 

For more information: +961 81 336 116

#17 Beit Trad โ€“ Kfour

The Trad family mountain house welcomes guests for fun relaxing times. It is an elegant guesthouse, beautifully decorated, nested in nature, and with many amenities. Elegance and comfort characterize this guesthouse that can be booked entirely for a day or weekly, or by room.

The place also caters for events on-site.
For more information: +961 70 414 242

#18 Villa del Norte โ€“ Kfarabida

Back to the coast, this private guesthouse is located in the heart of Kfarabida. Cozy, homey, and spacious, Villa Del Norte offers a โ€œhome away from homeโ€ with breakfast.

For more information: +961 71 721 121

#19 La Maison du Marquis โ€“ Ebrine

A beautiful villa that looks like a fairy tale with a breathtaking garden, La Maison du Marquis offers comfort, refinement, and a romantic ambiance. You will be treating yourself and your loved one(s) with a unique experience that feels like the times of past European nobility.

It is located in Ebrine village, 7 minutes away from the Batroun sea, and has amazing views. The stay includes breakfast, WiFi, and parking.

For more information: +961 3 249 960.

#20 La Maison des Sources โ€“ Ain Zhalta

This 200-years-old mansion is located below the beautiful Chouf Cedar Reserve and offers magnificent views of natural beauty. For a stay like no other, you might want to consider La Maison des Sources in the beautiful village of Ain Zhalta.

For more information: +961 70 140 658

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