20 Hidden Gems In Lebanon You Should Explore With Your Friends

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Lebanon has many famous, beautiful places to visit like Jeita Grotto, Al Raouche, and Tyre. But there are many hidden places you may or may not know of that show just how unique and mesmerizing this country is.

Each one of these 20 hidden gems is different and has its own specific attributes that make it special!

Chouwen Lake

Chouwen Lake is a serene, blue Ibrahim river flowing between two green mountains. Once you’re on the river shore, you’ll feel the safety of this natural refuge envelop you. It is a testament to Lebanon’s endless supply of beauty.

After a 30-minute hike to reach the river, you can take a swim in the cold river water. You can also enjoy a picnic with friends or family on the sandy shore.


Another freshwater wonder, Serjbel. It is located at the entrance of the Chouf district.

You can jump from a cliff into the water, have a picnic, take a swim or stand below a waterfall surrounded by rocky hills.


Meghrak, a small town near Batroun, comes from the word “drowning” because this house gets submerged in water in the winter.

This is a unique sight in Lebanon, which you can enjoy while having lunch or dinner with family and friends. The space around the house is a gathering place for people to enjoy nature.


This gem lies in the Bekaa district. It is the largest wetland in Lebanon, and you’ll never see anything like it in the country. Walking on the narrow dirt road between the swamps of water, you’ll find many different animals and plants around you.

Water buffalos, mountain gazelles, and many types of birds roam the wetlands.

Kammouh el Hermel

The Kammouh pyramid is located 6 kilometers away from Hermel. It is believed that it dates from the first or second century BC.

This sight is also unique in Lebanon, as the pyramid stands tall in the empty desert.


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The Mebaaj Grotto is a great destination in Lebanon since it has very unique and beautiful rock formations and colors.

It is located in Tourzaya, near Annaya.

Ouyoun al Samak

The mountainous Ouyoun al Samak holds beautiful lakes and waterfalls. It is an ideal place for picnics and hikes.

It is located southwest of the village Safinet el Qaite in Sidon, south Lebanon.

Ouyoun Orghosh

Located on the side of Qornet el Sawda, the highest mountain in the Middle East, Oyoun Orghosh is surrounded by hills. It houses ponds and lakes.

During summer and spring, many restaurants offer fresh fish from the area.

Ras al Biyada

Ras al Biyada is a headland, situated in the Southern district near Naqoura. It’s a great place to swim, dive into the sea, or just enjoy a beautiful sunset overlooking the horizon.


Baakline is one of Chouf’s hidden gems. Water percolating softly through the rocks and trees, it is a very precious and calming place to be. The water is so clean and blue, it’ll invite you in.

You can also enjoy having a meal at the many restaurants located near the waterfalls.

Wadi Qannoubine

Also known as Kadisha Valley, Wadi Qannoubine lies between Bsharri and Zgharta. The valley was carved by the Kadisha river, also known as Nahr Abu Ali, which also passes through Tripoli.

This valley holds a lot of history since it has sheltered many Lebanese communities throughout the centuries.

Along the hikes in the valley, you’ll get to see caves, but also monasteries, testaments to the many Christian communities that settled there hundreds of years ago.

Rabbits Island

Previously a breeding place for Rabbits during the French mandate, Rabbits Island is now a popular touristic place off the coast of Tripoli.

Clear, clean water is what makes this place so special, but also its serene environment. Being away from everyday life in a secluded place, even for a little while, is a great experience.

From the Tripoli port area of El Mina, you’ll find many boats that can take you there. The ride is only about 30 mins long.

Kfarhim Grotto

This cave’s formation age exceeds 4 million years. It contains many different rock types and formations, as well as lakes inside the cave.

Kfarhim Grotto is located in the Chouf district, 11 Km away from Damour.

Balou Balaa

In the mountains of Tannourine, you’ll find the steepest sinkhole in the country. The waterfall that drops down this sinkhole is classified among the world’s best waterfalls.

It is a special sight for sure, and you’ll get an adrenaline rush when walking beside it.


Akoura is a village above Laklouk, in the Jbeil district. Elevated 1,600 meters above sea level, the village is known for its beautiful lakes spread alongside the mountain chain.

Sitting so high, it’s a sight to take in, with the amazing view of Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea.

Jabal Arbean

In the Danniyeh district, this little gem is hidden between Jabal al Arbaen, Al Makmel mountains, and Qornet al Sawda.

Following the trail in the mountain, you’ll reach this beautiful spot where you can witness the beauty of the country and overlook the mountains and the sea.

Afqa Waterfall

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Middle East. It feeds into the Nahr Ibrahim river. In Greek Mythology, Adonis, the God of beauty, was born and died at the foot of the waterfall in Afqa.

It is located in the Kesserwan governate few kilometers away from Faraya.

Ezer Forest

Located in Akkar, Al Ezer forest, also known as the Iron Oak Forest, is one of the most beautiful forests in the world. It is estimated to house over 4,000 Iron Oak trees. It also contains more than 100 varieties of wildflowers.

This forest is known to have a great view of the Milky Way, which is why people often go there at night.

Mseilha Walkway

The Mseilha walkway is located in Chekka, in Northern Lebanon. Starting near the Chekka fortress and ending at Nahr al Jaouz, this trail is filled with beautiful trees, lakes, springs, and views.


Some Lebanese will tell you that this is their favorite beach in the country. The rocky shore is what makes it so unique since you have many jumping points, places to picnic, or even just lay down your towel.

It is one of the cleanest beaches in Lebanon, and you can even find yourself in caves, or hideaways between the rocks.

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