Twenty Nations Just Pledged To Save The Lebanese Army From Collapse

Asharq Al-Awsat

Back in March, Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun warned the Lebanese politicians about the impending collapse of the Lebanese Army. But like many warnings to the government, it came to no effect.

As the country’s situation massively deteriorates, Gen. Aoun has turned to France to request assistance to bring in needed funds to keep the army from falling apart.

France immediately organized a virtual conference, which took place on Thursday, aimed at gathering emergency aid for the Lebanese Army.

Twenty nations took part in the conference in which Gen. Aoun appealed for support giving a powerful speech about what Lebanon risks if it loses its only guarantor of safety and security, its backbone, and sole remaining functioning institution.

The situation is so bad that weapons are not the issue; the Lebanese Army can barely pay the living wages of its soldiers.

“How can a soldier support a family with a salary that does not exceed $90?” he asked, illustrating the dire living conditions of Lebanese and their soldiers in the country’s worst economic and financial crisis.

“If God forbid the LAF collapses, the state entity will collapse and the country will be in turmoil,” he warned with great concern.

All nations participating in the conference have agreed to provide emergency financial assistance to the Lebanese Army during its time of need. Among them, the United States, Arab Gulf countries, several European countries, Russia, and China.

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