20 Best Places To Get Perfume In Lebanon

The Perfumetics | @aroma.lb

Lebanese have a knack for perfumes and aromatic products whether locally made, mass products, or international prestige brands, and the Lebanese market is probably saturated with these products that make us feel better and boost us with confidence in our outings.

According to a report by Helix Strategy, in 2020, there has been an “increasing consciousness among male consumers about personal wellness and appearance” in Lebanon while women remain the largest consumers of perfumes and fragrances.

Helix Strategy also predicted that “the perfume market in Lebanon is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8% over the analysis period of 2021 to 2027.”

No surprise there, as we know, Lebanese love to wear fragrances and they also love receiving them as gifts.

So, if you are looking to change yours or make a gift of these much-desirable aromatic products, here are the places to go to:

The Perfumetics

The Perfumetics is one of Lebanon’s first and multi-niche perfume boutiques selling perfumes from exclusive agents both in their store in Sin EL Fil and online.

For more info, contact 03 108 109.

Ghanem Fragrances

Ghanem Fragrances is a Lebanese perfume company offering Oriental and French scents for perfume lovers at affordable prices.

You can find Ghanem Fragrances at Souk Saida, The Spot Saida Mall, Souk Barbour, Hamra, Bourj Hammoud, and LeMall Saida.

For more inquiries, contact 70 178 999.

Royal Rose Perfumery

Located in Tripoli, Bourj Hammoud, Hazmieh, Dora, and Le Mall Dbayeh, Royal Rose is one of the best places to get quality Canadian perfumes.

The shop also offers delivery all over Lebanon. For more info, contact 76 374 780.


Aroma is a Cosmetics and Fragrances store chain selling cosmetics, body splashes, and fragrances both in-store and online!

You can find the store in Sidon, Tyre, and Karout Mall. For more inquiries, contact 01 542 077 Ext 2090.

Moustapha Al-Labban

Moustapha Al-Labban is an online and in-store shop in Beirut offering luxury beauty and fragrances since 1960.

The shop also provides delivery all over Lebanon.

Maa Althahab 

Maa Althahab offers unique fragrances embodying sophistication and harmony.

It has branches all over Lebanon and offers free delivery. For more info, contact 03 775 963 on Whatsapp.


Poincaré is a leading perfumery and beauty shop located in Tripoli, Northern Lebanon, and also offers an online option. You can contact the shop at the Azmi branch on 06 433 554 or the Mina branch on 06 428 088.

Mon Parfum

Mon Parfum offers a special collection of French perfumes influenced by a distinctive composition of long-lasting scents, with the license of Chaillot Paris.

You can visit Mon Parfum stores in LeMall Dbayeh, City Mall Dora, Centro Mall Jnah, Zahle, Broumana, and Sidon, or contact 03 945 339 for delivery.

Fattal Beauty & Fashion

Fattal Beauty & Fashion provides internationally and locally known fragrances for both men and women as well as cosmetics items.

You can order online on Fattal Beauty & Fashion’s website or contact 70 384 713 for more information.

C&F Lebanon

Launched in 1999, C&F is one of Lebanon’s leading beauty concept stores offering a wide choice of fragrances for women, men, and kids, as well as cosmetics and skincare!

You can shop at their online store or in-store at Zalka Highway (04 713 796) or Metro Superstore (09 855 323).

Pam & Pi

First opened in 1995, Pam & Pi provides women and men with designer perfumes and cosmetics both online or in-store at Furn el Chebek and Awkar.

For more info, contact 03 238 997.

Fahs Perfumery

Since 1977, Fahs Perfumery provides perfumes, cosmetics, and skin in-store in Mar Elia, Beirut. It also has an online store and offers delivery all over Lebanon.

For more info, contact 01 360 128 or 71 130 811.

Salah Perfumes

Salah Perfumes reflects on Salah’s fashion senses through his extensive love for fragrance. Located in Kaskas, Beirut. Contact 03 649 916 for more info.

Smell Me Perfume

You can get a wide range of luxury brand perfumes at Smell Me Perfume online. For orders all over Lebanon, you can contact 70 776 501.

Perfume Palace

Perfume Palace or قصر العطور provides men’s and women’s perfumes for clients all over the country through delivery.

For more details, contact 78 919 827.

FACES Lebanon

You can find well-known international luxury brands at FACES, including makeup, skincare, and fragrances!

You can also shop online. For more info, contact 01 972 595.

Izzat Daouk

Izzat Daouk is a leading retailer of beauty, hair, and fragrance products in Mazraa, Hamra, Jal el Dib, Tripoli, and Sidon, and also offers delivery all over Lebanon.

You can contact 78 915 739 or 78 918 013 for more information.

LORIS Perfume

Loris Perfume sells high-quality 50 ml perfumes inspired by international perfumes at a low fixed price.

The shop is located in Tripoli and also sells deodorants, roll-ons, shower gels, body lotions, and hair perfumes.

Contact 71 475 478 for more details.

Fragrance Outlet Perfume

Fragrance Outlet Perfume offers a wide range of original perfumes through a delivery system all over Lebanon.

You can order via Whatsapp on 78 920 654.

SEBZ perfume store

Located in Bourj Hammoud, the SEBZ perfume store is the place to get designer perfumes, and you can also order online for delivery. Contact 71 280 010 for more info.

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