20 Reasons To Visit Hardine In Lebanon

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This ancient village in the Lebanese mountains of Batroun carries a Syriac name, and it’s also lovingly labeled by its natives as the “sacred village.”

In fact, Hardine, pronounced Hardeen, means Pious, and Witness of Justice, in Syriac. It is known as the first Lebanese village in Mount Lebanon to have endorsed Christianity and its 30 ancient monasteries, churches, and hermitages are there to tell its stories.

It predates Christianity, though, with its majestic Roman temple of God Mercury that tells of an ancient civilization that once occupied the land. The Crusaders also left their marks in this beautiful village where their remnants could still be explored.

Probably the most intriguing about this Lebanese village, other than its eerie rocky tile shape, is the presence of marine fossils…

Located at 850m of altitude and extending up to 1450m, Hardine lavishes in thick forests and its mountain terraces are rich with ruins that speak of its deep-rooted past.

#1 It’s beautifully surrounded by very thick forests

#`2 It’s Traditionally Lebanese


Hardine’s red-tiled houses blend in the natural surrounding in a picturesque landscape that gives this town a special attraction.

#3 You can spot fairy-tale-like houses

#4 It’s the birthplace of the Lebanese monk and scholar Saint Nimatullah Kassab Al-Hardini

#5 It’s home to 30 churches and monasteries

Samar Kadi

Among them: the historic 6th century’s convent of Mar Faouqa, as well as Mar Youhanna el-Chaqf convent and its 12th century’s hermitage, Mar Sarkis el-Qarn convent from the 12th century…

#6 It’s a very unusual village with history carved on the rocks that form it

#7 The village has a mesmerizing naturally inclined plateau that cuts through it

#8 It’s home to the 12th Century Ruins of St John El-Chaqf Hermitage built by the Crusaders

#9 The Romans built a temple for their god Mercury in the village

#10 It is sought by daring rock climbers

#11 And by camping lovers

#1`2 It’s a gorgeous natural space for biking

#13 A peaceful place to quieten your mind

#14 It’s homey and relaxing

#15 It has majestic and inspiring views

#16 The hiking trail to the Hermitages

You can reach the hermitages of Hardeen in a 20 km hiking trail from Tannourine El-Tahta while basking in breathtaking sceneries.

#17 Balconies created by Mother Nature

#18 There is a treehouse with facilities to host guests

#19 Picturesque wherever your eyes lay

#20 It’s charming even in winter