20+ Spotted Children of the Lebanese Revolution

Teaching history and patriotism to the Lebanese children hasn’t ever been as exciting and effective than these days in which families in their entirety partake in the protests in Lebanon and abroad. In that, the Revolution is not competing with schools but mainly standing as a Master in revealing to the kids the true meaning of patriotism, unity, and the freedom to claim their rights. Some might condemn it and criticize it but here is the thing: Unlike books, this live lesson is totally unedited, unaltered, and uninfluenced by political and sectarian affiliations. 


1. They are learning that patriotism is Unity

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Now, this is a vital lesson we have missed to teach them and role model for them. If this Revolution has brought up one positive thing only to mark their minds and hearts, this would be more than enough.


2. They are learning that a clean city is a patriotic duty

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They have been participating with their parents and siblings in the cleaning of the streets around them every morning, learning as well that they can take matters into their hands when the government fails them. May this activity within the revolution eradicate the nasty influence of having lived the garbage crisis from such an early age.


3. They are watching how a nation unites

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It is an impressive phenomenon for us, and that will come to be for them a normal status of the nation, as they’ll come to respect it and enact it as a basic must.


4. They learn to pledge their allegiance to their only flag

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These young kids of ours, who were born into a nation overwhelmed by many different flags and different allegiances, are now understanding where their minds and hearts should be first and foremost and ultimately.

Someone commented on this IG photo, “I hope that clean hands like Sharif’s will write our future and erase the dark pages of our history.”


5. Our kids in the diaspora are also coming to learn about Lebanon

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Spotted at a recent protest in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and many similar were spotted around the world: Our kids in the diaspora are learning to know their country of origin through the voices and actions of those protesting for a better Lebanon.

The legacy for one united nation spreads… 


6.  They learn their Lebanese Flag must be the one raised the highest in their homeland

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Because this is important and it is about time to put it back at its rightful level.


7. They are learning to claim their Lebanese identity above sectarianism

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How best to teach them that patriotic stance that is crucial to our prosperity than to get them to enact it? And that’s what has been happening through their participation in the Revolution.


8. They are getting to feel their importance to the nation

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“You are the bows from which your children, as living arrows, are sent forth.”~ Gebran Khalil Gebran. Let’s be clear here, Gebran was talking about the legacy we impart to our children while raising them, and he cautions us to make it the best.


9. They are learning that our unity should prevail through them

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They have taken an important part in the Human Chain that linked recently the South to the North, learning as such that this is what we want for Lebanon, and this is what they should keep up as they become adults.


10. They are made aware that this national movement has no meaning without them

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A scene that is widely seen during the protests in Lebanon, the Revolution is carrying its children on its shoulders; a powerful statement that this is for them, the future of Lebanon. And they are celebrating it along with their parents and families.


11. Wearing the flag with pride 

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They are coming to learn to wear their flag with pride… Yes, it starts at a very young age.


12. The revolution’s demands are theirs

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And they learn to demand what’s rightfully theirs when it’s taken from them…


13. Resilience on the ground that is claiming the nation’s rights

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The kids of the Lebanese Revolution are showing the same stubbornness to remain on the grounds as their parents.


14. Knowing that our Army loves them

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Absolutely splendid moments we caught throughout these past ten days, our army people expressing love and respect to the kids of the Revolution…


15. “Me too!”

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Well, sure…why not? She also gets to shout out her demands! Who said she has no right to? 


16. Learning to express love and respect to their Army

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The love is mutual, as seen in the previous scene above! Numerous have been the times in which our kids have presented flowers to our Army people on the ground, affirming the mutual love and respect they harbor for each other.


17. Because we are all in this together

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The unity proclaimed on the ground across Lebanon does include all ages and both genders. Our kids are getting to learn that, and that we are all in this together.


18. Her country, her dream

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History is being written and this kid, like all the children of the Lebanese Revolution, will come one day to tell her grandchildren that she saw it happen, and she took part in it.


19. Because there is no way to keep them home!

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And Lebanese parents don’t keep their kids home alone…


20. Because these kids will also teach their youngest

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These lessons of patriotism they are learning today by living them, they will teach them to their youngest, and their own kids in due time, so these values become entrenched in them and the nation that is evolving.


21. They are loving it!

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Many have been calling it the “Nation’s Wedding” as the protests on the ground have turned at their onset into celebrations of liberation and unity. And these kids are enjoying the positive vibes around with their parents.


22. And the legacy shall continue…

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God bless the children of the Lebanese Revolution and all Lebanon, for they are the hope of the nation. May they live and prosper in peace, unity, and happiness, here in the Land of the Cedar, so they can build on sound ground and continue the legacy of a nation that refuses to die.

We love you, kiddos!


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