22 Things To Do In Lebanon With Your Friends To Make The Best Out Of This Summer

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From having fun days in the sun or just clubbing all night along with Lebanon’s wild nightlife, people visiting or living in Lebanon during summer will never get bored!

Forest walks, eating and tasting Lebanese delicacies, discovering stunning nature, or just wandering across the many restaurants and bars in the country, you and your loved ones will have fun all season long.

Eat your way across Lebanon

From restaurants serving delicious Lebanese food, exquisite seafood, tasty vegan meals, and international cuisine, Lebanon’s food scene will give everyone the taste they strive for!

Head to the nearest rooftop

Enjoy the energetic summer vibes with your friends at Lebanon’s rooftop bars, chill in the golden hues at sunsets or seek them at night for upbeat music and dancing.

Have the time of your life clubbing

Gather with your friends all summer long and discover Beirut’s stunning bars and the nationwide feverish and fun nightlife scene.

You will be dancing and grooving all night long!

Explore Lebanon’s beaches

Get to enjoy all the lovely beaches along the coast of Lebanon this summer. Several of these beaches have water activities, and some are dog-friendly if you want your furry friend to tag along.

P.S. Yes, you can also have a great beach day for free!

Take a trip to Lebanon’s heights for a breathtaking experience

Lebanon’s countryside will give you the ultimate getaway you deserve.

The country boasts astonishing views from south to north, and east to west, that will take you along a trip to stunning rivers, rich biodiversity, and remarkable sceneries and landscapes.

Dive into street markets and fairs

During the summer season, the streets of Lebanon get even more lively with great street fairs and markets that will make you discover the local artistry and businesses almost weekly!

Wander through the streets of Batroun

Either discover Batroun‘s old souks to reminisce on old architecture or just wander along with the coastal city’s churches, especially the captivating Saint Stephen’s Cathedral,  one of the most beautiful churches in Lebanon.

Discover Lebanon’s street art

Beirut is filled with colorful street art that reflects the Lebanese people’s creativity and artistry. You can find the most beautiful street art in the city, especially in the Hamra area.

Visit the numerous contemporary art galleries

Discover Lebanon’s contemporary art scene in vibrant and fascinating art galleries that reflect the locals’ freedom of expression, artistic expressiveness, and ingenuity.

Agial Art Gallery (Hamra), Août Gallery (Gemmayzeh), Opera Gallery Beirut (Foch Avenue), and Emmagoss Art Gallery (Zalka) are among the most fascinating ones!

Stroll through Horsh Beirut

You can experience fresh air in the heart of Beirut. Horsh Beirut is one of the most famous urban parks in Lebanon, sought by locals and tourists for a peaceful time, whether for a leisure walk, to read a book, or for a relaxing picnic.

There is even a nice spot for skateboarding! The Community-built Snoubar Skate Park opens from 8 am until 6 pm.

Get lost in a day around Jezzine

Located in southern Lebanon, the town of Jezzine is surrounded by glorious mountains, pine forests (especially Bkassine’s Pine Forest), and vineyards.

It is one of the most beautiful summer destinations in Lebanon, where you can enjoy hiking especially along Marj Bisri, one of the best places to be lost in astonishing nature!

In addition to exploring the town, you can also find numerous lakes and waterfalls (among the tallest in the world)!

Visit the northern capital and its landmarks, and revel in the famous Tripolitan traditional sweets

The Lebanese northern capital Tripoli is an ancient city of over 7000 years and is the 2nd largest in Lebanon.

It boasts great touristic places, old souks, beautiful traditional architecture, a lovely promenade by the El-Mina coast, delicious local specialties, like the Tripolitan Samke Harra and Lahem Bil Ajeen, and amazing traditional sweets you certainly don’t want to miss.

Spend a day exploring the enchanting architecture of Beirut

From old to modern, Beirut boasts astonishing architecture.

If you are a fan of architecture, you can tour the capital city, and marvel at the rhapsody of architecture in its fascinating varieties, from traditional to modern and futuristic.

Bliss away aboard Lebanon’s breathtaking resorts

The Lebanese coast and mountains vibrate during summer with breathtaking resorts that will warm your heart and refresh your body!

Locals and tourists can enjoy beach resorts along Lebanon’s shore, child-friendly beaches, and resorts, and even stunning mountain pools to soak in the sun, relax, and dance to the good vibes of music.

Foster your love for hiking through Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve

Being among the 36 Global Hotspots For Biodiversity, Lebanon is rich in its natural escapes!

Along with the nature getaway, hiking and discovering the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve in the Kesserwan District is a blissful experience to undertake while in Lebanon. It covers an area of 6500 hectares and is part of UNESCO’s Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2009.

Chill away your days/nights

To discover the surprisingly mesmerizing Lebanese nature and enjoy getaways to have fun chilling and hanging out with their friends, tourists and locals can wander along the most chill places in Lebanon to get the full-on summer experience.

Enjoy a breathtaking sunset among the country’s sunset bars

With the country located among the Mediterranean, Lebanon has one of the most beautiful sunsets.

You can discover sunsets surrounded by the good summer vibes while savoring delicious cocktails. Don’t hesitate to hang out in the stunning sunset bars located either on the beach or on Lebanon’s heights.

Take a delightful forest walk and connect with Mother Nature

Most people have forest walks on their bucket list. So if you are a nature lover, you can wander along with Lebanon’s most beautiful forests and gorgeous nature reserves and get to spot the wide species of flora and fauna.

Among the most thrilling forest walk destinations are Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve, one of the largest nature reserves in the Shouf area; the Bentael Nature Reserve located in Northern Lebanon; the Tannourine Cedar Forest Nature Reserve which protects a large and dense cedar forest, and more!

Dive into thrilling surfing and SUP activities

Watersports are popular during summer in Lebanon. The most famous ones are surfing and stand-up paddling (SUP).

The places where you can enjoy the mentioned activities are Surf Lebanon, a surf school and shop (71 900 322); Batroun water sports (03 156 402); Routes (76 338 762); among others

Don’t miss any of the multiple music festivals

Summer in Lebanon is filled with music festivals, with the most famous one being the almost-yearly Baalbek International Festival, which hosts local and international artists to showcase their talents.

Along with other festivals taking place nationwide!

Get to laugh the night away with the Lebanese famous sarcasm

This has to be mentioned because these stand-up Lebanese comedians are hilarious. They don’t just make you forget your worries and concerns, they also defuse your frustrations with the Lebanese socio-political system.

Sing your heart out with friends

What could be more enjoyable than spending a night singing out loud while having fun (and maybe embarrassing yourself) with your friends?

There are many great places across Lebanon with karaoke nights where you can do just that, and get to sing your favorite songs with your friends while having a drink (or 2 or 3).

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