20 things you find in every Lebanese house

A typical Lebanese house is a world of its own. Whether you live in Lebanon or abroad, your house contains these items.

Crystal glasses that you’re not allowed to touch

Don’t you dare go near these glasses. They’re for the guests.


Ajami carpets 

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A miscellaneous bowl

In every Lebanese household, there’s always this one bowl that contains random things such as keys, electricity bills, candy, and coins.

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Tupperwares. LOTS OF THEM.

Your house is filled with Tupperwares, but that doesn’t mean your mom won’t notice if you forget one at work.

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A large Tupperware that contains smaller Tupperwares.

Yeah, things get weird in Lebanese kitchens.


Life’s biggest disappointment

I want to find cookies in these boxes for just once in my life.

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Encyclopedia volumes for decorative purposes only

They’re usually displayed in the salon.

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A half squeezed lemon in the refrigerator

Why do we do this?

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A jar filled with buttons

Where do these jars come from?

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A Nido can turned into a flower pot

If your grandma doesn’t turn Nido cans into flower pots is she even Lebanese?

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Old sewing machine

That’s also something you can find at a Lebanese grandma’s house!

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Authentic coffee cups

These coffee cups are iconic!

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Old Lebanese bills and coins

We all have a stack of old Lebanese bills and hope to sell some of them in the future to make a fortune.

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It’s everywhere.

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A huge pile of DVDs that you bought for L.L. 1,000 each

Half of these DVDs are so old that they don’t even work anymore, but we’re keeping them.

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A whole pharmacy

Every Lebanese house has a huge medicine cabinet, but we only use Panadol most of the time.


This water jug

Water tastes so much better when you’re drinking it from this jug.

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A calendar that dates back to the nineties

What is it doing on the refrigerator?


An extravagant chandelier

Because we’re extra.

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A remote control covered with a plastic wrap

Typical Lebanese.

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