20 Ways You Can Enable Change In Lebanon

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The more a community or a country is struggling with issues, the more is the need for its members or citizens to contribute to the solutions and improvements. The choice is there.

We can whine and complain or we can act and become an agent of change. 

And the change starts with each one of us stepping down our personally-set pedestal or out of our individual bubble, and proceed in helping and contributing to improve life around us. 

After all, serving others and doing good is the essence of life that defines our humanity as individuals. It is even said that there is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up. 

When each one of us makes a small positive effort, we can become an agent of change, and make Lebanon a better place for everyone living in it. 

Realistically, improvements to be effective never start on the roof but at the base, not on the top but on the ground where everything is at reach.

Today, The961 calls on you to be not the change but an Agent of it, contributing to a better Lebanon, a better society, a better community, and a better environment, and that is possible with established organizations that are already organized and at work.

You have the choice; now have the will. We are all in this together!

#1 Food Blessed

Feeding the hungry, one meal at a time. By distributing free meals, working on reducing food waste, and promoting food security, FoodBlessed’s volunteers have become the Hunger Heroes!

If you want to fight food poverty, you can sign up here

#2 Lebanese Red Cross

You can volunteer with the Lebanese Red Cross through its different divisions, including emergency medical services, youth department, and disaster management.

If you are thinking of offering first aid services or raising awareness, check out their website to know more about when, where, and how volunteering processes work.

#3 Children’s Cancer Center

Volunteers at the Children’s Cancer Center help in providing a warm and fun atmosphere for children throughout the difficult period of treatment.

In addition to entertaining the kids with games, stories, and chats, the volunteers make sure to offer the needed support and encouragement for those kids.

Learn here more about how and why to volunteer.

#4 Donner Sang Compter

Donner Sang Compter ( DSC ) holds a humanitarian mission which is to build communities that promote blood donation as a humanitarian and national cause in Lebanon.

You can get involved by donating blood, hosting a blood drive, and becoming a volunteer!


The YMCA is an NGO founded in 1890 with a mission to develop the body, mind, and spirit of young people, irrespective of their religion, political affiliation, color, or creed.

By becoming a volunteer at the YMCA, you will help in building a stronger, healthier society.

#6 Embrace

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Embrace is the leading NGO that seeks to raise awareness around mental health in Lebanon.

Embrace volunteers are expected to help in ending the stigma around mental illness and promote mental wellbeing in the community.

Learn more about them here.

#7 Alzheimer’s Association

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Situations similar to what is going on in lebanon can affect the people living with Alzheimer’s in general. Most of the elderly who lived in lebanon were exposed to war, economic crisis, political problems and other instabilities, therefore the current situation can have an impact on them because of the disease itself and the worry that they always had because of the ongoing instability that they went through during their lives. Below are some tips for Alzheimer’s caregivers on caring for their beloved ones In the current situation: – Keep the person living with Alzheimer’s entertained as much as possible – Watching the news about the current situation will make them feel anxious, agitated and confused. Avoid informing them about the situation. – The caregiver’s psychological and emotional status impact the psychological and emotional status of the person living with Alzheimer’s. Although it’s hard, it’s important not to show the person living with Alzheimer’s the fear, sadness, anger or other feelings that might affect them. – Make sure that the doors are locked all the time so that the person living with Alzheimer’s doesn’t go out of the house alone without being accompanied. – Avoid taking your beloved ones to a walk near crowded places such as protests. – Keep the routine going – Avoid talking about the situation in front of the person living with Alzheimer’s – Make time for yourself to be able to keep up with the caring activities and the current situation. – Inform the doctor about any concerns you have in mind

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The Alzheimer’s Association aims to raise social and individual public awareness to support people with dementia and their caregivers.

Volunteers are trained to give the best care, love, and aid to those living with dementia.

You can sign up here to make a change in those people’s lives.

#8 Hostel Beirut

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Located in Beirut, Hostel Beirut is an NGO that believes in the power of immigrants and newcomers to bring disruptive solutions to problems.

Their goal is to help vulnerable young refugees through educational projects, training, and workshops. You can volunteer to host a workshop in a certain domain.

Learn more about it here.

#9 Offre Joie

Offre Joie: Love, Respect, Forgiveness.

The NGO was founded in 1985 with apolitical and non-confessional values. Offre Joie works on gathering young people throughout Lebanon by mobilizing around social projects that promote the unity of the Lebanese people.

You may want to check this link for more details.


NAHNOO is a youth-led NGO that works towards an inclusive society through advocacy campaigns that promote: Good Governance, Public Spaces, and Cultural Heritage.

As volunteers are the primary members of the NGO, they always welcome more volunteers that are ready to help; so don’t hesitate in joining their team

#11 Injaz

Injaz is an NGO that works on educating and preparing Lebanon’s youth to become successful entrepreneurs and qualified employees who stimulate their communities.

Looking to share your experience and enthusiasm? Want to help and inspire? Volunteer at Injaz here

#12 Habitat For Humanity Lebanon

Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

HFH Lebanon usually recruits volunteers on occasions of certain projects, during which extra hands are needed.

If you are interested in being one of them, you can sign up here.

#13 Migrant Community Center

Migrant Community Centers (MCCs) is a part of the Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) that was launched in 2010 and aims to decrease racist discrimination and abuse in Lebanon on the social and institutional levels.

As the main focus is on migrant domestic workers, you can contribute by giving language, computer, and music classes, and in other various ways that you can check here

#14 Skoun

Skoun is a non-profit, Lebanese organization and the first outpatient therapeutic facility in Lebanon that offers prevention and treatment to drug users.

At Skoun, volunteers are expected to implement the activities of the departments that work on different programs, all related to awareness, support, and harm reduction.

Learn more here

#15 Basmeh & Zeitooneh

Basmeh & Zeitooneh was launched in September 2012 after the need for an NGO that works on providing a better life for Syrian refugees. 

Basmeh & Zeitooneh’s volunteers work amongst the most vulnerable and marginalized groups to fill the gaps in development assistance and provide some relief to their miseries.

You can sign up here if you like to be one of those volunteers. 

#16 The Green Environment Movement

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎GEM – Green Environment Movement‎‏ في الأحد، ٢٦ أغسطس ٢٠١٨

Green Environment Movement, also known as GEM, consists of a group of volunteers who clean Lebanon, one beach at a time.

Starting off as a simple tweet, the volunteers managed to clean several beaches, making the cleaning their weekend getaway.

You can always check when their next clean-up is and hit the beach to help them!

#17 Beta Lebanon

Beta Lebanon is an NGO that seeks to provide a safe environment for the animals in the region. You can volunteer in spending some time with animals or even organizing fundraising events.

For more details, click here

#18 Animals Lebanon


Animals Lebanon improves the welfare of animals through comprehensive national animal protection and welfare legislation.

The NGO works on encouraging and enabling civil society to make improvements for animal welfare, along with more objectives. 

You can help rescue and care for animals in need by volunteering with them.

#19 Online Volunteering with UN

If you are too lazy to get out of your bed, don’t worry. Here’s an online volunteering website that you might want to check if you want to help without leaving the warm sheets.

The website offers various volunteering opportunities for you to take and help the world!

#20 The Volunteer Circle 

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Take a moment to give a moment.

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The Volunteer Circle is an online platform that connects volunteers with upcoming projects of local organizations. You can always check their website if you have the urge to do good and help. 

Surely, the list goes on. Search for the nearest volunteering opportunity nearby, and hit it! Become an agent of change for Lebanon!

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