200 New Job Vacancies Were Just Created At Factories In Lebanon

200 New Job Vacancies Were Just Created At Factories In Lebanon
Executive Magazine/Greg Demarque

Perhaps a favorable side effect of the economic crisis that is drowning Lebanon is that it is opening up new job vacancies in the industry sector. In this regard, there are now 200 positions at factories in Lebanon that Lebanese can apply for.

What’s happening in Lebanon’s industry sector today is the mass emigration of foreign workforce members, due to the factories’ increasing inability to pay them in foreign currency, not to mention the rapid deterioration of the country’s overall conditions.

Recent figures indicated that the number of work permits issued by General Security for migrant workers dropped vastly between 2019 and 2020.

This emigration, coupled with the weakening of the import sector due to the shortage of U.S. dollars and the deposits that are being held by the banks, has generated new attention for the industry sector and for export.

An example of this emerged on Sunday when the Lebanese Industry Ministry published a list of 200 job vacancies available at 20 different factories in Lebanon that Lebanese can now apply for.

The list, downloadable here, includes various administrative and technical positions and is likely to expand with more jobs, the head of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, Talal Hijazi, told the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on Monday.

Hijazi said that several new factories are being established and others are being expanded and developed.

He noted that the 83% decline in work permits for migrant workers in Lebanon means that the vacancies left behind by these workers will become available for the Lebanese.