23 Do’s & Don’ts For Swimming In Lebanon This Summer

23 Do's & Don'ts For Swimming In Lebanon
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Summer is here, and its heat is merciless. With unreliable electricity and soaring power bills anyway, the options to escape Lebanon’s temperature and humidity are limited.

Thankfully, the Mediterranean is still here, and so are swimming pools. Depending on where you go, enjoying a swim in the cool water doesn’t have to break the bank.

Before you jump in, though, you need to make sure that you and your loved ones will be safe.

So, here’s a safety checklist for swimming in Lebanon, issued by the Internal Security Forces.


  • Go into the water immediately after eating
  • Swim in the sea at night
  • Jump into the water from high spots
  • Swim when there are strong currents
  • Swim to exhaustion
  • Leave children swimming or playing in the water unattended
  • Let childrern run around swimming pools and swim in deep sections
  • Let children swim in deep seawater, even with floats, due to the potential risk of being pulled by currents
  • Go into or perform any activity in the water, including riding boats, immediately after consuming alcohol
  • Swim in irrigation water
  • Approach river banks, to avoid slipping
  • Swim alone, especially if you suffer from certain medical conditions
  • Wear clothes that inhibit swimming


  • Ensure that children are constantly being supervised by adults
  • Wear a swim vest, particularly people who don’t know how to swim, and especially children. Always wear a swim vest while jet skiing, too
  • Select an appropriate location to swim, where there are other people or life guards, in case you face an emergency while swimming
  • Stay close enough to other people that they can see you
  • Have someone to go with, in case you face an emergency, especially if you have medical conditions
  • If you suffer from medical conditions, inform the nearest life guard so that they would be ready to deal with any emergency
  • Respect your physical limits while swimming, and take breaks
  • If you suspect that someone might be in trouble, immediately call for help if you are unable to assist
  • Listen to the life guard’s advice
  • Remember: A single moment of reckless behaviour could be enough to cost you your life

Apart from the above, be sure to check the official data on which beaches in Lebanon have low pollution levels and are safe for swimming.

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