24 Cleanest Beaches In Lebanon

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Lebanon’s National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS-L) published its 38th annual report regarding the “environmental reality of the Lebanese coast.”

Based on the bacterial tests that took place to examine the safety of the waters along Lebanon’s coastline, it was found that 24 out of 37 sites are good and safe to swim in.

Ranging from north to south, these sites are characterized by low bacterial and organic contamination, and the concentration of fecal bacteria is less than the permissible levels.

Additionally, the general environmental condition of the waters of these sites ranges from good to very good, according to the report.

Here are the cleanest beaches along Lebanon’s coast:

Tripoli – Next to the Municipal Stadium

Anfeh – Below Deir al-Natour

Anfeh – Tahet El Rih

Al Heri (Chekka) – Private Beach

Selaata – Public Beach

Al Hama – Batroun

Amchit – Public Beach

Jbeil – Bahsa Public Beach

Jbeil – Beach (the sandy beach)

Fidar – Below the Fidar Bridge

Okaibe – Ibrahim River Estuary

Bouar – Public Beach

As Safra Beach

Jounieh – Maameltein Beach

Beirut – Ain Al-Mraiseh (between the new fishermen’s port and the Riviera Hotel)

Damour – Private Beach

Jiyeh – Private Beach

Rmeileh – Private Beach

Al Awali (where the Awali River flows into the sea)

Ghazieh – Public Beach

Sarafand – Public Beach

Aadloun – Public Beach

Tyre – Nature Reserve Beach

Naqoura – north of Naqoura’s port

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