Over 242K Lebanese Registered To Vote – Here’s The Breakdown & Why This Number Could Still Change

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244,442 Lebanese have so far registered in the diaspora to vote in the Parliamentary Elections of 2022. This number is much higher than in the previous elections of 2018, according to the Interior Minister.

As indicated by a UNDP report, only 10% of those who were eligible to vote in the diaspora back then had registered.

Currently, the 242,442 Lebanese who have already registered in the diaspora are as follows:

  • 74,882 in Europe
  • 61,204 in Asia
  • 59,211 in North America
  • 22,668 in Oceania
  • 20,127 in Africa
  • 6,350 in Latin America

This number is not final as more requests are still being processed from embassies and/or consulates, which can take 1-2 weeks.

The final count will be hence known in a week or two.

Thanks to the recent amendments to the new electoral law, expats will be able to vote for the 128 parliament members in their respective electoral regions, allowing them to loosen the grip of political parties on their regions.

In the 2018 Elections, the most voted-for party in Lebanon was Hezbollah, which received 289,174 votes.

The current crises crippling Lebanon are the consequences of negligence and misgovernance, and also corruption, to name the most relevant causes.

That renders the need of the Lebanese people to vote a must for critical changes, hence reforms that could rescue their country.

The amendments to the electoral law make the diaspora votes more influential in that regard since parliament members play a chief role in law-making and policies.

The higher the number of diaspora voters, the higher the impact on the elections.

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Over 242K Lebanese Registered To Vote - Here’s The Breakdown & Why This Number Could Still Change

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