30 Home “Outdoors” Of The Lebanese Lifestyle

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For those who don’t know much about the Lebanese lifestyle, balconies and home terraces play an important role in their ways of living and socializing.

People might live in mansions or in humble homes, in the city or in the mountains, it is on their balconies or terraces that they love to have their morning coffee, to gather for a sobhie or a sahrieh, to receive their guests, to have a quiet evening drink or a not-so-quiet one around a Mezza, and even to work on their laptops or to just watch life unfurling on the streets.

Much happens in these perched outdoors of Lebanese homes.

In the evenings and up to late at night, you can hear the sounds of chitchats, debates, or laughter reverberating through the night to you… wherever you are nearby or not so nearby.

It does make the Lebanese nights vibrant with life. It somehow tells you that, while you are in Lebanon, you are never alone.

And they come in different shapes and designs, these terraces and balconies of Lebanon. From traditional to modern, and from modest to fancy, they all serve the same cultural purpose of the Lebanese lifestyle.

Here are some of our picks of welcoming “home outdoors” worth admiring.

#1 A heritage ‘crown’ in Clemenceau

#2 Rooted in tradition

#3 Where heritage and fanciness are one and the same

#4 Modern and Zen

#5 We bring nature home…

#6 … and create floating gardens

#7 Mixing and matching

#8 Some are just so dainty & exquisite

#9 Living more outdoor than indoor…

#10 Where sobhiyet are the most enjoyable

#11 Timeless classiness

#12 Elegance in tradition

#13 Built to prevail times

#14 Lofty & fancy

#15 Brilliantly colorful

#16 Space doesn’t matter as long as we have it

#17 It’s very much “home”

#18 Some have the colors of love

#19 Hidden terrace in Beirut

#20 Bowered in the city

#21 Charming openness

#22 Vintage alive in the countryside

#23 Romantic

#24 As refreshing as it can possibly be

#25 Pillared in magnificence

#26 A quite place to dream…

#27 Welcoming

#28 Appeasing

#29 Spotted in Hadchit

#30 Timeless majesty

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30 Home "Outdoors" Of The Lebanese Lifestyle

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