28+ Nostalgic Photos Of Old Beirut For A Trip Down Memory Lane


The capital of Lebanon, Beirut, has been the center of attention for many centuries. In modern times, it became known as a cosmopolitan city, hosting the old and stunning architecture with more or less contemporary thinking.

The landmarks, the atmosphere, the wild nightlife, the cosmopolitan restaurants, the royalties, and the celebrities, were all hosted by Beirut, a city where Western culture meets its Eastern counterpart.

Despite sectarianism and more or less extreme ideologies, Beirut and Beirutis kept their love for life, their love for their city, and a love for a country that combines the past and the future within its borders.

One of the most prominent landmarks that can describe Old Beirut is the St. Georges Hotel, built in the 1920s by the Parisian architect Auguste Perret, the building saw the beautiful and charming face of the city with all its glory.

So let us begin the trip down memory lane toward old Beirut:

St. Georges Hotel – 1965

Saint George Bay – 1960

Saint George Bay – 1969

Beirut Municipality – 1960s

Ras Beirut – 1964

Ain El-Mrayseh – 1967

Ain El-Mrayseh – Elections 1972

Something never changes…

Bab Idriss – 1960

Martyrs’ Square – 1950s

Beirut Travel Documentary 1960s

Beirut Port – 1960s

Beirut Port – 1950

Rivoli Cinema, Martyrs Square – 1957

Lebanon’s Summer – 1968

Beirut Streets – 1960s

Beirut – 1942

Beirut Souks – Late 1960s

Beirut Arab Bank Building – Masaref St 1970

Port Of Beirut – 1974

 Ramlet El-Bayda – 1954

Beirut Burj Square – 1974 

Weygand St – 1950 

Saint Georges Hotel – 1970

Beirut Saint George Bay – 1970

Beirut jewelers and goldsmiths Market – 1975 

Raouche – 1974

Sassine Square – 1974

Hamra St – 1975

Line Forn El Chebbak – El Manara – 1950s

Scene from “Secret Agent Fireball” – 1965

Beirut Saint George Bay – 1970

Tourism Promo, Beirut – 1960s

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