28+ Pictures From The Stunning Village Of Bane In North Lebanon


Originally meaning “the bath”, the small village of Bane has an enchanting atmosphere with its surrounding glorious mountains and sceneries.

Located in Northern Lebanon, about 127 Km from Beirut, Bane sits at an altitude of 1450 meters above the Holy Valley of Qadisha, adding to its spiritual aura, which tranquility, as well as the local friendliness, makes you want to stay over for days.

The apple and cherry orchards naturally enhance the charm of Bane where traditional houses stand in beauty reflecting the Lebanese heritage, which also encompasses religious sites like the Mar Jeryes church, Saydet el-Ha’leh church, and Mar Youssef convent.

Visiting Bane should definitely be on your bucket list. The hiking trail between the village and the Holy Valley of Qadisha is also one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

If you are making a road trip to Bane, consider checking the nearby villages, as it is surrounded by the Cedars of God forest, Horsh Ehden Reserve with all its biodiversity and wildlife, and the villages of Bcharreh and Hasroun.