Another 3 Lebanese Arrested For Aiding Israel In Killing Senior Hamas Leader


Lebanese Army Intelligence, in conjunction with Palestinian factions, successfully apprehended three individuals associated with the assassination of Hamas leader Hadi Mustafa near the Rashidieh camp back on March 13.

According to initial reports, the network comprises a Lebanese member and two Syrians, who were captured during raids conducted in Sour and its surrounding areas.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that they had placed a tracking device near Mustafa’s vicinity.

These suspects confessed to their involvement in the operation and implicated a mosque attendant named Hassan F. as their handler.

Subsequently, all individuals involved were handed over to the relevant Lebanese authorities for further investigation.

The Lebanese Army’s intelligence branch in the South took charge of the case.

Further arrests were made, including individuals linked to the mosque attendant, who also holds Lebanese citizenship.

The investigation into Mustafa’s assassination continues, with authorities working to gather more information about the network’s operation and its potential links to other individuals or groups.

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