30 amazing photos of Beirut at sunset

Everyone agrees that sunsets are incredibly beautiful. The warm shades of orange, yellow, red, and pink are utterly mesmerizing.


In Lebanon, the sun sets over the Mediterranean sea facing our coast. The scenery is sometimes too good to be captured by the humble lens of a camera.

Here are some pictures that could maybe do the beauty of our capital during golden hour justice.

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Sunsets at the Pigeons’ Rock in Raouche are simply mesmerizing!

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The parties held on rooftops at sunset in Beirut City celebrate this amazing time of the day.

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Lebanese people and tourists like to take a walk on Corniche de Beirut Promenade all while enjoying the unique mixture of colors in the sky.

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Sunsets are perfect for Lebanese fisherman. There’s still enough light to see but the sun is not as strong as it was during the day!

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The Beirut City skyline is at its clearest during sunset.

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Despite the concrete jungles, nature still finds a way to amaze us.


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Beirut Waterfront City should be where your next destination is at sunsets!

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What an awesome way to forget the stress of the day.


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