30+ Breathtaking Pictures Of Bcharre That Will Transport You To Another World

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Lebanon is home to several stunning towns and villages along its borders, however, one of them stands out with all its glory!

Located in Northern Lebanon, the town of Bcharre is the only remaining and preserved original “Cedars of God” (Cedrus libani), and is the birthplace of the world-famous poet, painter, and sculptor Gibran Khalil Gibran.

Carrying a Syriac name, originally “Beit Shary” meaning “begin” or “strength and stability,” Bcharre was previously a Phoenician village and a place where Cedar wood was exploited during antiquity.

With 26 towns and villages located within the Bcharre district, and rising to around 1400m in North Lebanon, the town of Bcharre boasts a jaw-dropping and majestic nature especially in the Winter season as it turns into a Winter Wonderland and a major ski destination.

When visiting Bcharre, people get immersed in its serene religious heritage, since the town is home to numerous churches, including the Saydet Bcharre church, the Mar Mikhaël church, the Mar Youssef convent, as well as the monastery of Mar Lichaa, dating back to the medieval times.

The town, with all its charm, stands out with its natural heritage, hosting two UNESCO World Heritage sites, namely the forest of the Cedars of God and the Holy Kadisha Valley, which is home to the oldest Christian monastic communities in the Middle East.

Gibran Khalil Gibran is a main pillar in Bcharre since the town is home to the fascinating museum of the timeless author and philosopher.

Carved into the rocks with an amazing and picturesque view, the museum is home to most of Gibran’s original works that continue to amaze human societies long after his death.

Bcharre also boasts several hiking trails, including the trail section between Wadi Qannoubine and Bcharre and the section between the town and the village of Bazaoun.

There are also many guesthouses and hotels in Bcharre where people can enjoy a natural getaway for a few days, including La Maison des Cèdres, a hotel situated at 1,600 meters in the Cedars, just a few minute ride from the Bcharre town. For more info, contact 71 888 414.

So without further ado, here are breathtaking pictures of the Bcharre town and district that will transport you to another world!

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