Baskinta, Lebanon’s Gorgeous Gem, In 30+ Pictures

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Many villages in Lebanon are described as “heaven on earth,” including Baskinta, which is located 1,250 meters above sea level in Metn, Lebanon.

Home to peaceful and relaxing views, beautiful weather during summer, and amazing sceneries during the winter season, its name comes from the Syriac origin of “Beit Shkinto,” meaning “habitable place.”

Nestled at the foot of the glorious Sannine Mountain, the village holds a breathtaking horizon over surrounding hills and green valleys.

Other than being rich in natural aspects, Baskinta is home to an interesting architectural heritage, featured by the museum of Mikhail Naimy, a Lebanese poet and novelist famous for his spiritual writings, and The Abdallah Ghanem Cultural Center.

Known for having a religious heritage, the village boasts many churches, including the Saydet el Sou’oud church, the Mar Roukos old crusader church, the Mar Sassine convent built in 1729, and the Mar Mikhael convent.

The village brags fertile lands, showcased by a pine forest, apple, cherry, and peach orchards, and a stunning cedar forest in Qanat Bakich.

Additionally, people visiting can enjoy many activities, including picnics and hiking along the Assi River trail and the Marj Baskinta, where hikers can overlook glorious pine trees.

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