30+ Pictures Of Bqaa Kafra In Lebanon That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Heaven

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Located in the Bcharre district, Bqaa Kafra is a breathtaking Lebanese village in the Northern mountains of Lebanon.

The village is the birth town of Saint Charbel Makhlouf and has an altitude ranging from 1500 m. to 1800 m., which makes it the highest village in Lebanon and the region.

It is a small town where narrow streets are infused with the scents coming from the holy valley of Qanoubine and where the sounds of prayers always echo throughout the village.

This village is remarkable with its fresh breeze and its panoramic and scenic views over surrounding valleys and villages, which makes it a peaceful haven.

Famous for the friendliness of its locals, the Lebanese village is where people can immerse in nature, ancient architecture, and rich religious heritage.

Bqaa Kafra is home to many religious institutions, including the church where Saint Charbel was baptized, the Notre Dame Church built in 1925, and the grotto where Saint Charbel used to pray.

The isolated village also hosts many festivities, especially during Saint Charbel’s anniversary, where locals gather to exhibit their homemade products.

The name of the village comes from the Syriac origin of “ground” and “rich,” both combined to make the meaning of “rich soil” or “fertile land.”

It is especially stunning during the winter season when covered in snow and serenity, which earned it to be described by many describe as a “heaven of earth.”

The village’s magical landscapes make it a lovely getaway with many guesthouses in neighboring villages, including the beautiful town of Bcharre, for visitors to enjoy the village and its surrounding for a few days.

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