34+ Pictures Of The Splendid Village Of Deir El Qamar In Lebanon

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Located in the caza of Shouf, around 800 meters above sea levels, the name “Deir El Qamar” comes from the Syriac origin of “the convent of the moon.”

When strolling around the gorgeous village of Deir El Qamar, you will get to admire the historical palaces and monuments reflecting a rich architectural heritage.

This village boasts a plaza in its center; the Palace of Fakhreddind II constructed in 1618; the Great Seraglio (Serail) from the 18th century, one of the oldest synagogues built by Emir Fakhreddine in the 17th century; the Saydet El Tal church also built in the 17th century, and more historical sites worth visiting.

Deir El Qamar is also reportedly the former capital of Mount Lebanon and is also featured as a national historic monument since 1945.

Its panoramic view of Wadi Jerbane, Baaqline, and the valley of Deir Dorit is nothing short of breathtaking.

The town also offers many traditional culinary specialties, including Goat’s labneh, Tabbouleh seasoned with fat, and Makhlouta bi Kechek.

There are many guesthouses and hotels in the village, including the gorgeous Dar Linda guesthouse, Deir El Oumara with its history ambiance, and Beyt El Jabal, a stunning guesthouse and restaurant immersed in nature.

When planning to visit Deir El Qamar, consider plenty of time to also visit some of the neighboring sites, such as the Shouf Cedars Nature Reserve, and the villages of Baakline, Mokhtara, Beiteddine, and Ain Zhalta.

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