3400 cedar trees planted in Ehden!

On Sunday, the NGOs Ehden Spirit and Ehden Al Midan planted 3400 cedar trees around the nature reserve in Ehden. Every year, Ehden Spirit organizes a reforestation event to raise awareness about the importance of trees and preserve the greenery of the region. In fact, Ehden’s


contains cedars and encloses 1,058 plant species which 40% of them are native plant species in Lebanon. This place is also rich with 39 species of native trees. The NGO plants from 7000 to 10,000 trees every year. It encourages people of different ages to take part in this event to learn more about the environment.

Reforestation in the Bekaa Valley

Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI) is an organization that started a 


project in 2011 in Anjar, a region located in the Bekaa Valley. In collaboration with a local forest guard named Hrair Kurdian, LRI is aiming at planting trees and protecting the environment in Anjar from deforestation and wildfires. LRI’s reforestation areas extend to northern Lebanon, Rachaya, and Chouf. Also, this organization works on reforestation, wildfire management, forest mapping, and tree nurseries. Sustainability is the solution to end the environmental crisis in Lebanon. This can be done by educating people and involving them in taking care of their surroundings.