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Here Are The 36 Countries That Are Helping Lebanon Recover From The Blast


Article updated — September 3, 2020

The immediate response of countries around the world to Lebanon’s catastrophe is heartwarming. Celebrities, public figures, activists, companies, and more rushed to spread the word for donations to distraught Beirut.

Support for Lebanon even came from outer space when an astronaut tweeted a message of solidarity for Beirut.

Here are so far the countries that have stood for Lebanon and its people, extending a generous helping hand.

#1 Algeria

For more on Algeria’s help, read here.

#2 Armenia

For more on Armenia’s help, read here.

#3 Australia

For more on Australia’s help, read here.

#4 Bangladesh

For more on Bangladesh’s help, read here.

#5 Brazil

For more on Brazil’s help, read here.

#6 Canada

For more on Canada’s help, read here.

#7 Chile

#8 Cyprus

For more on Cyprus’s help, read here.

#9 Czech Republic

#10 Denmark


For more on Denmark’s help, read here.

#11 Egypt

For more on Egypt’s help, read here.

#12 Finland

#13 France

For more on France’s help, read here.

#14 Germany

For more on Germany’s help, read here.

#15 Greece

For more on Greece’s help, read here.

#16 Iran

#17 Iraq

For more on Iraq’s help, read here.

#18 Italy

For more on Italy’s help, read here.

#19 Jordan

For more on Jordan’s help, read here.

#20 Kazakhstan

For more on Kazakhstan’s help, read here.

#21 Kuwait

For more on Kuwait’s help, read here.

#22 Morocco

For more on Morocco’s help, read here.

#23 The Netherlands

For more on the Netherlands’ help, read here.

#24 Norway

For more on Norway’s help, read here.

#25 Palestine

#26 Poland

For more on Poland’s help, read here.

#27 Qatar

For more on Qatar’s help, read here.

#28 Russia

For more on Russia’s help, read here.

#29 Saudi Arabia

For more on Saudi Arabia’s help, read here.

#30 Sri Lanka

For more on Sri Lanka’s help, read here.

#31 Switzerland

#32 Tunisia

For more on Tunisia’s help, read here.

#33 Turkey

For more on Turkey’s help, read here.

#34 United Arab Emirates

For more on UAE’s help, read here.

#35 United Kingdom

For more on the United Kingdom’s help, read here.

#36 United States

For more on the United States’ help, read here.

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Here Are The 36 Countries That Are Helping Lebanon Recover From The Blast

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