35+ Photos Of Afqa, One Of Lebanon’s Mesmerizing Hidden Gems

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Located in the Byblos Governate, Afqa is a stunning village located around 71 kilometers northeast of Beirut and situated at an average elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level.

Hidden between mountains, and with the sound of water gushing, Afqa will transport you into another universe just by looking at the remarkable scenery.

When visiting the village, people can experience Lebanon’s stunning nature, featured by a colossal grotto, and a waterfall that goes into Nahr Ibrahim and merges into Lake Yammoune.

Visitors come from across Lebanon to enjoy watching its waterfall, especially in summer, as many take the opportunity to swim in the pond where the waters gather, or enjoy a hiking trip around the waterfall.

In addition to its beauty, this place has a rich history and heritage significance dating back to the Phoenicians. Its name is reportedly linked to the legend of the god Adonis, which represents the birth and renewal of nature during the spring season.

This renewal of nature represents a change in vegetation, the growth of planting, the opening of buds, fruit vegetables, and maturity.

The ancient Lebanese believed that the water flowing from the waterfall represented the fertile god of Adon, which emanated from the depths of the Grotto of Elle, and the hollow of the Ashtoreth goddess, the Phoenician goddess of love, war, and hunting.

When visiting Afqa, you can also get the chance to visit the neighboring village of Akoura, where you can spend the whole day roaming through the beautiful village, breathing fresh air, and hiking.

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So here are more stunning photos of Afqa:

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