35+ Photos Of The Serene Lebanese Village Of Mtein

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Mtein is a serene village and one of Mount Lebanon’s oldest ones, with architecture dating back to the period between the 17th and the 19th century, and traces of old civilizations that inhabited the town.

The name Mtein is of Syriac origin and means Morning or Matino for “patient, impassive,” which could be referring to the serenity and tranquility of the surrounding.

Mtein became a famous village around 1616, when the Abillama emirs settled there, building their gorgeous palaces.

It is also said that the first “Lebanese Zajal” took place in Mtein.

Located around 1200m above sea level, Mtein has a rich religious and historical heritage.

It is home to the Mar Jeryes church built in the 17th century, Mar Youhanna el Maamadane church, and El Saydeh church built in 1700.

Byzantine and Roman ruins are found on the east of the village, as well as the ruins of a 19th-century silk farm, and ancient sarcophagi.

This Lebanese village boasts traditional stone houses, green valleys, and scenic lands as well as pine forests connected with the village of Bzebdine.

When visiting Mtein, people can have the best time during its summer festivals held in August, and visit the public library, the French cultural center, and the municipality’s museum, which displays more than 120 paintings for Lebanese artists.

Hikers can also enjoy their time hiking on a trail between Mtein and Baskinta.

For those seeking a peaceful staycation, the town has short-term rentals, including the gorgeous Beit Jeddé guesthouse and community center in Mtein. (For more info, contact 04 296 603).

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