Lebanese-Owned 3D Realistic NFT Project Will Launch Worldwide In June

Meta Arabs

Lebanese creativeness and inventiveness never cease to inspire the realistic and the digital world as many Lebanese are now venturing into the NFT world.

The latest is the Meta Arabs, one of the first worldwide 3D realistic NFT projects, which is designed and developed by Lebanese designers and blockchain developers.

It is ready to launch in early June by MetaVision, a Lebanese-owned company based in Dubai and registered at the DMCC Free Zone.

MetaVision, as 961 came to know from its owners, wants to take daring and innovative steps in the Metaverse world, initiating itself in the digital market by thinking globally and acting locally.

MetaVision’s co-Founder and Managing Director Mohammed Chreif stated that he wants to shape “the future of Arab pioneers in the Metaverse” through this project.

Chreif explained that the idea behind Meta Arabs NFT is to be an “add-on in the digital marketplace.”

“Our goal is to stand out and establish ourselves as a true game-changer. This is a massive opportunity for both creators and investors, that is why we adopted the trilogy of a 3D NFT idea with utilities and humanitarian aid,” he said.

According to their press release, Meta Arabs will donate 5% of initial minting revenues and another 5% of lifetime revenues to local Children Cancer Centers in the Mena region.

Meta Arabs NFT holders will be granted sustaining options with a special revenue program, providing a first-mover advantage on upcoming projects and a strong commitment to social causes.

The Meta Arabs NFT is a collection of 9,999 utility unique NFTs stored on the ERC-721 blockchain.

Composed of more than 200 traits, the NFT will grant its holders access to exclusive holder events in prominent cities in the region, including Dubai and Beirut, Airdrops, and access to one of the first Arab cities within the now-booming Metaverse.

“In a nutshell, Meta Arabs have certainly covered every aspect of their digital world embracement. The team behind sets truly believes that this is just a star shooting, and have already started outlining their next projects for the end of this year,” said Chreif.

Future-Meta Arab NFT holders will be able to mint the NFTs on June 1st, 2022 (pre-sale), and June 2nd, 2022 (public sale).